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5+ Successful Case Study Presentation Examples

5+ Successful Case Study Presentation Examples

Case studies are and will always be an integral part of the business world hence the need for winning case study templates. Whether it is to analyze internal problems and find solutions or convince a client of your capabilities; case study presentations are always involved in the process.

In the following sections, you will understand what goes into making an impactful case study presentation. Using this information, you will find it easy to convince your audience about your solutions, using a well-structured argument.

Table of Contents

What Is A Case Study?

A case study is your concise and well-reasoned argument, that talks about the why, how, where, and who, that convinces the audience for your research. Think of it as a solution, to a well-defined question asked of you. Should the company expand in this market? Should we launch this product? What is the reason for our reduced sales? Why are you the best person for the client’s project offering? All these questions are backed by immaculate case study presentations.

This begs the question, when should one do a case study analysis? Some of the scenarios where case studies become necessary are –

The task here is not only to find a solution but also to influence the audience with your findings. Organizing a lot of information in a succinct and engaging manner for your clients and stakeholders is important. Hence, is a need for an excellent case study presentation template.

Features Of Effective Case Study Presentations

A good case study presentation should be:

Key Elements Of A Winning Case Study Presentation

Before we jump into case study examples, let’s understand the effective structure of a good case study presentation template. A good case study design can be generally structured in the following sections.

Executive Summary

This section provides a succinct and effective executive summary for corporate leaders to peruse through quickly, and get the gist of what you want to highlight.

Problem Statement

This section of your case analysis template details the purpose of your analysis. This puts together all the problems that you intend to answer through your case study.

Idea Description

This section is the heart of your case study. It is where you detail your solution, explain the reasoning, and describe why your solution is the best one to follow.

Financial Impact/ Results

Here is where the administration will be convinced that your idea is worth consideration. You need to explain to your audience that what you are proposing, has a considerable impact on their business or project. Or something like – how clients who used your solution, services, or products benefited financially.

In this final section of your case study slide, you discuss all the planning, considerations, risks, and metrics you will need to execute your solution. Or how you conducted the action steps for your clients to achieve the desired results. What were the Project KPIs , issues, and risks, for the managers and how did you mitigate them?

Tips For Excellent Case Study Presentation

The key points, icons and data, designing scientifically.

It is important to highlight the key takeaway in your study, throughout your case study. While choosing or designing your PowerPoint template, you should make sure that each section has enough potential to show the key takeaway, which is your strongest argument, in prominence. Look at the case study presentation template below, and see how you cannot miss the key point without going into the entire report.

Case Study PPT Template

Nothing backs your arguments more than hard, quantifiable facts. In today’s terminology, we call these facts, data. Data forms the bedrock of your analysis, as everyone is convinced that ‘numbers don’t lie. Use relevant and key data points and present them in a structured manner in your case study ppt, to convince the audience.

Further, use understandable PowerPoint icons to summarize and anchor data points, such that they draw direct attention to the viewer. Icons also provide easier readability to the case study template, as one can simply look for the icon to search for the required information.

Slide for Case Study

Presentation designing is not only an art but also a part of science. There are well-studied visual design principles , that raise your chances of success.

slide for case study

Content is King

While I have mentioned a general structure for case study examples in the previous section, some points should be remembered to create engaging content.

Research Thoroughly: It goes without saying that you should keep your research thorough and inclusive. Research the company, the client, the problem statement, the solution, and every single data you have mentioned in your solution. Also be prepared for things that you are not writing about, such as alternate solutions, market changes, legal hassles, and finer details of your proposals. Under-preparedness or false claims will definitely pull the rug from under you!

Language of the Professionals:  Instead of using passive language like that of a research paper, use active and action-based language. This language should be persuasive, and engaging. For example, instead of writing “customer numbers increased by 10% in the last year”, use “10% more customers choose our services over others, over the last year.” The simple shift makes it more convincing and exciting for the reader.

Be client-oriented: Case studies are an effective marketing tool to convince your clients. So, while making a case study ppt , keep your clients in your mind. Wear their shoes and ask, what is it that they are looking for, and how can you present it right in front of them!

Different Type Of Case Study Presentation Templates

Find below a multitude of attractive, and impactful case study PowerPoint templates that are ready to use, specifically for business professionals.

To highlight a long-term successful engagement with the client

Case Study presentation template

To showcase a successful product implementation with the client

Marketing Case Study template

To showcase detailed client engagement

Detailed Case Study

To present a project’s success in a concise manner

Business case study ppt

To showcase a detailed problem-solving approach

Case Study Slide

Case Study Presentation

Free case study template.

free case study presentation template

Doing a case study is a delicate yet enormous task, which needs to be performed carefully, and comprehensively. You need to be well aware of the problem you are solving , and bring out the best solution possible for it. A good case study helps you to support your argument, and convince your audience. Following the tips mentioned above, you can create a sharp, professional, and complete case study for your business, which will give impact and strength to your analysis and argument. 

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Home Blog Business Case Study: How to Write and Present It

Case Study: How to Write and Present It

Case Study: How to Write and Present It

Marketers, consultants, salespeople, and all other types of business managers often use case study analysis to highlight a success story, showing how an exciting problem can be or was addressed. But how do you create a compelling case study and then turn it into a memorable presentation? Get a lowdown from this post! 

What is a Case Study? 

Let’s start with this great case study definition by the University of South Caroline:

In the social sciences, the term case study refers to both a method of analysis and a specific research design for examining a problem, both of which can generalize findings across populations.

In simpler terms — a case study is an investigative research into a problem aimed at presenting or highlighting solution(s) to the analyzed issues.

A standard business case study provides insights into:

Case studies (also called case reports) are also used in clinical settings to analyze patient outcomes outside of the business realm. 

But this is a topic for another time. In this post, we’ll focus on teaching you how to write and present a business case, plus share several case study PowerPoint templates and design tips! 

Case Study Woman Doing Research PPT Template

Why Case Studies are a Popular Marketing Technique 

Besides presenting a solution to an internal issue, case studies are often used as a content marketing technique . According to a 2020 Content Marketing Institute report, 69% of B2B marketers use case studies as part of their marketing mix.

A case study informs the reader about a possible solution and soft-sells the results, which can be achieved with your help (e.g., by using your software or by partnering with your specialist). 

For the above purpose, case studies work like a charm. Per the same report: 

Moreover, case studies also help improve your brand’s credibility, especially in the current fake news landscape and dubious claims made without proper credits. 

Ultimately, case studies naturally help build up more compelling, relatable stories and showcase your product benefits through the prism of extra social proof, courtesy of the case study subject. 

Case Study Computer PPT Template

Popular Case Study Format Types

Most case studies come either as a slide deck or as a downloadable PDF document. 

Typically, you have several options to distribute your case study for maximum reach:

Case Study Example Google PPT Template

How to Write a Case Study: a 4-Step Framework

Once you decide on your case study format, the next step is collecting data and then translating it into a storyline. There are different case study methods and research approaches you can use to procure data. 

But let’s say you already have all your facts straight and need to organize them in a clean copy for your presentation deck. Here’s how you should do it. 

Business Case Study Example PPT Template

1. Identify the Problem 

Every compelling case study research starts with a problem statement definition. While in business settings, there’s no need to explain your methodology in-depth; you should still open your presentation with a quick problem recap slide.

Be sure to mention: 

The above information should nicely fit in several paragraphs or 2-3 case study template slides

2. Explain the Solution 

The bulk of your case study copy and presentation slides should focus on the provided solution(s). This is the time to speak at lengths about how the subject went from before to the glorious after. 

Here are some writing prompts to help you articulate this better:

This part may take the longest to write. Don’t rush it and reiterate several times. Sprinkle in some powerful words and catchphrases to make your copy more compelling.

3. Collect Testimonials 

Persuasive case studies feature the voice of customer (VoC) data — first-party testimonials and assessments of how well the solution work. These provide extra social proof and credibility to all the claims you are making. 

So plan and schedule interviews with your subjects to collect their input and testimonials. Also, design your case study interview questions in a way that lets you obtain the quantifiable result.

4. Package The Information in a Slide Deck

Once you have a rough first draft, try different business case templates and designs to see how these help structure all the available information. 

As a rule of thumb, try to keep one big idea per slide. If you are talking about a solution, first present the general bullet points. Then give each solution a separate slide where you’ll provide more context and perhaps share some quantifiable results.

For example, if you look at case study presentation examples from AWS like this one about Stripe , you’ll notice that the slide deck has few texts and really focuses on the big picture, while the speaker provides extra context.

Need some extra case study presentation design help? Download our Business Case Study PowerPoint template with 100% editable slides. 

Case Study Man With Giant Clipboard PPT Template

How to Do a Case Study Presentation: 3 Proven Tips

Your spoken presentation (and public speaking skills ) are equally if not more important than the case study copy and slide deck. To make a strong business case, follow these quick techniques. 

Focus on Telling a Great Story

A case study is a story of overcoming a challenge, achieving something grand. Your delivery should reflect that. Step away from the standard “features => benefits” sales formula. Instead, make your customer the hero of the study. Describe the road they went through and how you’ve helped them succeed. 

The premises of your story can be as simple as:

Based on the above, create a clear story arc. Show where your hero started. Then explain what type of a journey they went through. Inject some emotions in the mix to make your narrative more relatable and memorable. 

Experiment with Copywriting Formulas 

Copywriting is the art and science of organizing words into compelling and persuasive combinations which help readers retain the right ideas. 

To ensure that the audience retains the right takeaways from your case study presentation, you can try using some of the classic copywriting formulas to structure your delivery. These include:

Take an Emotion-Inducing Perspectives

The key to building a strong rapport with an audience is showing that you are one of them and fully understand what they are going through. 

One of the ways to build this connection is speaking from an emotion-inducing perspective. This is best illustrated with an example: 

In the second case, the wording prompts listeners to paint a mental picture from the perspective of the bank employees — a role you’d like them to relate to. By placing your audience in the right visual perspective, you can make them more receptive to your pitches. 

Case Study Medical Example PPT Template

Final Tip: Use Compelling Presentation Visuals

Our brain is wired to process images much faster than text. So when you are presenting a case study, always look for an opportunity to tie in some illustrations such as: 

Use icons to minimize the volume of texts. Also, opt for readable fonts which can look good in a smaller size too.

Finally, practice your case study presentation several times — solo and together with your team — to collect feedback and make last-moment refinements! 

1. Business Case Study PowerPoint Template

case study presentation examples

To efficiently create a Business Case Study it’s important to ask all the right questions and document everything necessary, therefore this PowerPoint Template will provide all the sections you need. 

Use This Template

2. Medical Case Study PowerPoint Template

case study presentation examples

3. Medical Infographics PowerPoint Templates

case study presentation examples

4. Success Story PowerPoint Template

case study presentation examples

5. Detective Research PowerPoint Template

case study presentation examples

6. Animated Clinical Study PowerPoint Templates

case study presentation examples

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case study presentation examples

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Creating a Professional Case Study Presentation: Templates & Tips

Creating a Professional Case Study Presentation: Templates & Tips

Written by: Unenabasi Ekeruke

Creating a Professional Case Study Presentation

Winning over clients is tough work. You're going to need cold hard proof and real-world results to prove the value of your solution.

One of the best ways to show your product or solution works is by using compelling case studies . According to a Content Marketing Institute report, 69% of B2B marketers believe in the persuasive power of case studies and use them for marketing.

Case studies weave captivating stories about the positive results and experiences previous clients have had with your solution. When done right, a professional presentation around your case study can help you market your brand, win over new customers and increase sales .

Not sure how to create or deliver top-notch case study presentations? You've come to the right place.

In this article, we'll show you how to create winning case study presentations, plus templates you can use right away.

Let's get to it.

Here’s a short selection of 6 easy-to-edit case study presentation templates you can edit, share and download with Visme. View more templates below:

case study presentation examples

Table of Contents

What is a case study presentation, why are case study presentations important, what to include in a case study presentation, case study example, 6 case study presentation templates, tips to nail your case study presentation, your turn: put together compelling case study presentations with visme.

A case study is an in-depth examination of a subject, group, event, or entity within a real-world context. The goal is to better understand key functionalities, outcomes and successes.

When used for educational purposes, they are effective teaching tools. They are engaging and enable students to:

When it comes to marketing, case studies are stories that highlight the effectiveness of your solution and your success in solving client problems.

Case study presentations help you tell these compelling stories using written content, visuals, charts, graphs and other tools. This type of sales and marketing presentation can come in handy during sales pitches, trade shows, workshops, conferences, networking events and more. You can either pre-record it, present it virtually, or opt for an in-person presentation.

No matter the type of business you're doing, case studies can be invaluable for sales and marketing.

If you're still in doubt about the potency of case studies, check out these compelling statistics.

Content Marketing Statistics

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 80% of tech content marketers use case studies in their marketing strategy.

There's often a misconception that case studies are just marketing content meant to stroke your company's ego. The truth, however, is that case studies are more about making customers understand how your company can help them.

When pitching your solution, case studies add a layer of social proof. Rather than focusing solely on your product or its features, your case study should spotlight real-world results and the impact of your solution on customers, industry and society.

There are various scenarios for developing case studies, including:

Simplify content creation and brand management for your team

Sign up. It’s free.

case study presentation examples

Before we show you how to present your case study, let's discuss what should go in a case study. A well-written case study design should include the following sections:

1. Executive Summary

This section provides a brief overview of the entire case study. Readers should be able to scan it and get the hang of everything you want to discuss.

2. Problem Statement

This section should detail the goals and purpose of your case study.

You should highlight the problem you've identified that your study is looking to solve or questions you intend to answer through your case study. What are the main issues that led to the case study and what will your audience learn?

Food Analytic Platform Case Study

3. Solution

This section forms the core of your case study. Here you want to explain how you solved the problem.

Discuss how other clients found you, what solutions they chose, why they chose them and how you implemented them.

4. Execution

This section should detail the journey to helping the client achieve the results.

You want to touch on the planning, processes, risks, metrics, KPI and factors you need to get an even better result. Describe the issues you faced during execution and how you mitigated them.

Here, you need to explain the positive impact or benefits of your solution on the client's project or business.

It could be financial results, growth results, improvements, or increases in productivity. Be sure to provide clear evidence like images, videos, statistical data and numbers.

6. Conclusion

Share reviews, quotes, testimonials and recommendations from existing customers about your solution.

Healthcare Information System Case Study Modern

Here's an example of a case study we created for Lincoln Learning Solutions, an online K12 curriculum provider founded in 2005.

Problem: The company was forced to downsize and ended up without a professional graphics designer on its team. As a result, they struggled to create visually appealing graphics.

Solution: By using Visme, they're now able to create visually appealing marketing content, graphics and visuals without the aid of any professional graphic designer. They use Visme to create various visual content, including educational infographics, presentations, newsletters, social media graphics and more.

Results: Lincoln Learning Solutions now creates 3x more content and other collaborative projects with Visme than if they had opted to continue working with a single graphic designer.

Bring your information to life.

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Bring your information to life.

To help you weave a captivating narrative about the effectiveness of your solution, we've put together stunning case study templates for creating your case study.

1. Marketing Case Study

This generic case study template is a powerful marketing tool for businesses of any size.

You can use it to elaborate on projects or solutions provided to satisfied clients—from the problem that led them to use your tool to your approach to the outcomes or results they've seen. Each section tells a compelling story, offers social proof and spotlights your biggest achievements.

In addition to its rich and bright color combination, this template is interactive. You can liven up your presentations by embedding images, videos and animations. Make this template work for you by editing content and inserting your logo, fonts, images and other design assets.

case study presentation examples

2. Business Case Presentation

Whether you're doing an in-person or virtual case study presentation, this template has everything you need to impress your audience. You can present a compelling business case that wins over your prospective clients and partners.

Visme has an extensive repository of customizable assets, including icons, charts, shapes, backgrounds, animated assets, stock photos and videos. Customizing this template takes only a few minutes, thanks to our intuitive and easy-to-use drag and drop template.

case study presentation examples

3. Clinical Case Study Presentation

This presentation template is ideal for drawing attention to rare clinical cases. It provides details about the patient's medical history, medications, results and follow-up. The template heavily relies on bright colors, icons, shapes and visuals to make important data stand out.

There's no limit to what you can achieve with Visme's presentation software . You can use charts and graphs to show compelling figures, patterns and relationships and leave important clues for your audience. The tool supports collaboration across teams. It lets you work with your team on your presentation and get feedback in real-time.

case study presentation examples

4. UX Case Study

Showcase your past clients' impressive results after working with your company using this stunning case study template. The cover page features a unique style, layout and color theme that blends with the rest of the document.

Notice how the template chronicles the customer's journey, starting with the problem. It elaborates on the approach to solving the problem and the measurable outcomes.

This template makes good use of shapes, images and icons to present the results in a captivating way. You can customize this template for different niches in which you've found notable success.

Use our intuitive editor to add or remove slides and swap your content, images, fonts and other assets to suit your taste.

case study presentation examples

5. Software Demo Platform Case Study

This case study examines the importance of using demos to increase sales. With this case study format, you can position your brand as a topical authority in your niche.

The template introduces the subject in the case study, their approach to ramping up sales and the effect. It highlights the results and key takeaways from the case study.

Here's what makes this template stand out. The template has a dark blue background while using bright-colored fonts and charts to maintain a strong visual contrast.

Go ahead and customize this template to reflect your brand image and content. Once done, you can embed it on your site using a snippet of code, download it in PDF or PPTX format or share it online with a public or private link.

case study presentation examples

6. HR Consulting Case Study

If you're looking to entice prospects with the success stories of your previous clients, this case study template is a perfect fit. In it, you'll find real-world examples of how your product or service addressed a client's challenge and impressive results backed by data.

The cover page has a bold headline and summary of the results that catches the eye. At a glance, the reader gets a sneak peek of your notable accomplishments and the type of results they can expect from your brand.

Create your ideal case study presentation by adding new design elements like elegant fonts and icons, high-resolution images, videos and animations.

case study presentation examples

Below are some helpful tips for designing and presenting your case study to clients, prospects, investors and key stakeholders.

1. Determine Your Goals

This is the first step to designing your case study. What are you looking to achieve, or what message do you want to convey in your case study?

We get it. Case studies are created to demonstrate the value of your solution to customers. However, we recommend aligning your objectives with the value (solution and results) you want your customers to see.

For example, depending on your client's pain points, your objective may be to show your solution helped other clients to:

2. Pick a Compelling Case Study

Once you have outlined what your case study is set to achieve, you need to pick a suitable case study.

We recommend having an arsenal of case studies at your disposal. This will give you the variety you need to whip out and present the best and most relevant case study for each prospect.

Stand-out case studies boost credibility and drive prospects' interest in your solution. For example, you should prioritize case studies featuring reputable brands.

Another top choice is case studies of clients who had complicated problems or clients who left your competitors to work with you. These case study examples typically provide a more compelling story and outcomes.

3. Use Templates

Case studies riddled with design and visual flaws can put off prospects. Using templates keeps your presentation structure organized and visually appealing. Beautiful case study templates like the ones above make your job much easier. It allows you to spend your time on content rather than aesthetics.

4. Use High-Quality Visual Aids

When preparing your presentation, use quality visual aids to break up the text and keep your audience engaged.

You don't want to bore your audience with large walls of irrelevant text and vague statements. Instead, use more numbers and visual aids like charts , graphs , images and videos to show compelling proof of success. They make your message clear and lend credence to your arguments.

Did you help your clients increase sales? If yes, show the percentage increase in numbers and charts or graphs to show a spike.

Notice how the case study template highlights compelling figures using graphs and charts.

Food Analytic Platform Case Study

5. Deliver a Flawless Presentation

You've already put in a lot of effort to create a solid professional case study. However, even the best-written case study will fail to deliver without a winning delivery.

So how do you get your clients to buy into your case study during the critical presentation phase? How do you present your case study in a simple, clear and persuasive way?

Keep reading.

Tell an Emotional Story

Think of storytelling as a hook that draws your audience into your presentation. Your story could clearly describe the problem a similar client faced, the solution you implemented and what they're currently enjoying.

It's not enough to use facts and figures alone. Injecting an emotional appeal into your narrative will make your case study memorable and impactful.

One way to create a human connection is by painting a clear picture that your audience can relate to. You want to visualize their journey to success based on your results with existing clients.

Focus on the Client

Remember that the case study is not about you or your salesperson. Companies that focus more on themselves often come off as self-centered.

You should research your prospects and focus on their needs and challenges. Not only will your presentation be relatable, but it will have an emotional appeal and motivate your clients to take action.

So dig deep to find out these things:

The more you can align your presentation with the client's needs and clearly articulate them, the faster you can secure their buy-in. Otherwise, your case study will sound like a thinly disguised sales pitch.

Connect and Engage Your Audience

Do you want to avoid situations where your audience zones off or nods off to sleep during your presentations?

Make your presentation a two-way dialogue. The more you can engage your audience, the more impactful your presentation will be.

Here are some effective ways to engage your audience.

You can also use Visme's interactive presentation tool to wow your audience by zooming into a key point in your presentation.

Keep It Brief and Interesting

No matter how much time you're allotted, keep your presentation brief.

Why does it matter? Humans have short attention spans. So to avoid losing audience attention, spend more time on slides that drive home your points.

In the middle of the presentation, you may be asked to dive deeper into a particular aspect or answer other questions.

Whatever happens, be prepared to answer questions in the middle of your presentations. You can create appendix slides to expand on some aspects of your case study.

So there you have it. We've discussed everything you need to know about creating and delivering a stunning case study presentation.

Case studies can be an effective sales and marketing tool for convincing and converting prospects into paying customers. However, to deliver a smashing presentation that wows your audience, we recommend using Visme's case study templates . You'll find templates for every niche and use case.

Visme offers a wide array of design assets, visual aids, images, videos and animations to make your presentation pop. After tweaking your template, you can embed your case study on your blog or website. Also, you can share it online using a link or download it for offline use in multiple formats, like PDF and HTML5.

Easily put together professional case study presentations that impress your clients

case study presentation examples

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8 Expert-Level Time Management Strategies to Boost Productivity

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Design visual brand experiences for your business whether you are a seasoned designer or a total novice.

case study presentation examples

About the Author

Unenabasi is a content expert with many years of experience in digital marketing, business development, and strategy. He loves to help brands tell stories that drive engagement, growth, and competitive advantage. He’s adept at creating compelling content on lifestyle, marketing, business, e-commerce, and technology. When he’s not taking the content world by storm, Unenabasi enjoys playing or watching soccer.

case study presentation examples

Case Study Presentation Template

Case studies address consumer challenges and highlight the solutions your service or product can deliver. This kind of presentation helps instill confidence in your brand and convert prospective clients. Include your company background, past customers, a product demonstration or video, and outline how you can provide each client with positive results. A quality case study presentation illustrates real-world success using data. Our case study template will help you keep your clients engaged while you show them potential business solutions in a polished and professional presentation. Communicate your product’s worth, acquire more clients, and increase retention using our case study presentation.

Our case study presentation template can be used as an effective way to:

Use this template to create a professionally designed and memorable case study

A case study requires relevant data and should be designed to inspire confidence and action. Organize your case study presentation and make it memorable by delivering information visually with any combination of our various slides:

Title Slide

Helpful hints for creating effective case studies that convert

A thoughtful presentation can set your brand above the rest. Consider these tips when organizing your case study.

Add visual interest to your presentation by including charts, graphs, and photos. This will help break up your data and make your presentation memorable.

Content heavy presentations work well with simple clean slides that don’t overwhelm your audience. Feel confident leaving blank space on each slide.

Teammates and clients alike will stay engaged if you use your data to drive a story. Use compelling information to demonstrate your value with numbers and testimonials that manifest client success.

The data you showcase should drive action. What outcome are you aiming for by giving this presentation? Who is your audience? Keep your viewers in mind and make sure your presentation is leading them towards your desired outcome.

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case study presentation examples

Business Case Study

case study presentation examples

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Case studies are a credible and persuasive way to tell the world about the value of your products or services and thus win new leads and customers. With our Business Case Study presentation, you can demonstrate real-life examples of how your team was able to satisfy your customer's needs or soothe their pain points. As Neil Patel put it: "With great case studies, you will be able to highlight your successes in a way that will make your ideal potential customer become your customer."

Slide highlights

With this slide, list the key challenges your client was facing before you showed up and saved the day. These usually include: complying with government regulations, lowering costs or becoming more sustainable or energy-efficient.

Use this slide to communicate the results of your SWOT analysis to your team and stakeholders. SWOT Analysis should help you identify your client's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to succeed and defeat potential risks and threats.

The Ansoff Matrix shows four strategies you can use specifically for growth: market development, diversification, market penetration and Product Development . It also is a tool you can utilize to analyze the risks associated with each strategy.


Here is how you can put together a killer case study, according to HubSpot specialists:

IDEO "planned parenthood's new way forward"

The challenge Planned Parenthood faced was to "Rethink the delivery of women's reproductive healthcare." Design and innovation company, IDEO, helped Planned Parenthood to find effective solutions to this problem. IDEO then published a case study about the success on their website in the "Explore Work" category.

Notice, how IDEO strategically puts the problem: "Rethink the delivery of women's reproductive healthcare" and the outcome: "A comprehensive patient and employee experience, including waiting and recovery areas, a digital patient-provider counseling tool, easy-to-use online forms, and a unifying vision for Planned Parenthood staff" at the very top of the case study blog post.

The case study post also includes a summary, which expands more on the introduction of the problem and immediately introduces the solution: "Together, the teams designed a number of patient and employee interactions and corresponding prototypes that address different patient needs: education, personalization, connection, and support for any decision." IDEO then proposes a breakdown of the steps taken to resolve the problem, accompanied by compelling visuals of the processes and tools implemented. The case study blog post ends with a call to action to learn more about PlannedParenthoodExperience.org and to hear from the organization's Executive VP and Chief Brand Officer, Dawn Laguens, in a detailed Q&A.

Mobile App Business Plan

Business model canvas, business plan, swot analysis, team appreciation, pest analysis, ultimate startup pro forma, business canvas collection.

Best Case Study PowerPoint Presentation Examples

Best Case Study PowerPoint Presentation Examples

Case Analysis Slide For Presentation

About the template, feature of the template.

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Case study presentation pictures

Get a firmer grip with our Case Study Presentation Pictures. You will exercise better control.

Case study presentation pictures

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case study presentation examples

PowerPoint presentation slides

Presenting case study presentation pictures. This is a case study presentation pictures. This is a three stage process. The stages in this process are challenge, solution, results.

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Case study presentation pictures

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