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How to ask questions on Instagram Stories

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Use special stickers to ask your followers on Instagram. There are two options: Stories stickers for questions and for polls.

creative instagram story questions

creative instagram story questions

This is another sticker that you can add to your Instagram Stories. When you get a good question idea:

01. Open Instagram and tap Your story in the upper left-hand corner. Upload a photo from your camera roll or take it with an Instagram camera.

creative instagram story questions

02. After that, find the  Sticker icon   in the upper-right corner.

creative instagram story questions

03. Choose Questions .

creative instagram story questions

04. At the top in the center you will see a palette circle . Tap on it to change the color.

creative instagram story questions

05. There is a question installed by default inside the form. You can leave "Ask me a question" or tap a music icon next to "Aa" for asking users to share their music recommendation. Another option is to come up with your own title.

creative instagram story questions

06. Hit  Done .

creative instagram story questions

07. Tap Your Story. 

creative instagram story questions

"Ask me anything" sticker is not the only option. You can post a question on Instagram Stories and give users options of the answers.

01. Open Instagram and tap Your story  in the upper-left corner. Upload a photo from your camera roll or take it with an Instagram camera.

creative instagram story questions

02. Find the Sticker icon. 

creative instagram story questions

03. Choose Poll .

creative instagram story questions

04. Add a question and answer options.

creative instagram story questions

05. At the top in the center you will see a palette circle . Tap on it to change the color of letters. Additionally, you can add a background for the words by tapping on the icon with "A" next to the palette.

creative instagram story questions

06. Hit Done .

creative instagram story questions

07. Hit  Your Story .

creative instagram story questions

You can group together similar questions from different followers.

So, you've got the questions from your followers. Now you can answer them. You can do it in Instagram Stories too and even add the answers to them.

01. Open a Story with a question sticker. A list of already asked questions is at the bottom.

creative instagram story questions

02. Answer one of them, but don't publish. For the background, you can choose another picture.

creative instagram story questions

03. Tap a Save icon.

creative instagram story questions

04.  Tap a  Back sign in the upper-left corner to discard your Story.

creative instagram story questions

05. Go back again. Answer the second question and place the screenshot with the first one as a background.

creative instagram story questions

06. Hit Your story .

creative instagram story questions

This way, you can answer several questions in your Instagram Stories at once using a pre-prepared background. There is no restriction and moderation in asking questions. You choose what you want to reply.

First things first, before posting an Instagram Story with a question, edit the title "Ask me a question" of the sticker.

What to write in the title?

Now, let's move on to questions!

Here are funny ideas. You can take and post them in your Instagram Stories.

If you notice that you receive the same question each time when you post Stories with the sticker, we advise you to pin its answer on your Instagram page. This way, people can find it on their own and don't spend their time waiting, and you won't be annoyed by answering the same thing a million times.

How can you do that? Create a page  on  Taplink . There you can collect all the links to your messaging apps, socials, and websites. Add text, photos, YouTube videos, location, and answer in detail on frequently asked questions. Your followers can easily find information about you  on a page like this.

creative instagram story questions

Questions in Instagram Stories increase audience engagement and make you closer to your followers. They can be thematic, personal and creative.

If you're annoyed by answering the same question again and again, create a mini-website for your social bio and add a FAQ on it.

What other trending questions for Instagram Stories do you know? Share in the comments!

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Social Media has changed the art of storytelling. And made it as easy as ever to keep those who love your brand connected and updated with Instagram's "questions" feature.


What is an Instagram Question?

What is an instagram poll.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting to Instagram

How to Ask Questions on Instagram Live?

How to Ask a Question on Instagram?

But more importantly, it can help boost your brand and give your followers the perfect little "prompt" to engage with your brand and help you grow your social media community.

Instagram questions exist on the "Stories" portion of the platform. They allow business owners, social media managers, and a whole world of other individuals to engage with their audience using a "sticker" with either a yes or no question or a more lengthy response.

An Instagram poll is also an Instagram questions sticker . It's best used for yes and no questions or giving people the choice between two things. For instance: is a hotdog a sandwich?

Why Questions to Ask on Instagram?

Why bother asking questions on Instagram Story anyway?

By asking questions, you're giving your followers a unique opportunity to interact and engage on your profile, page, and Stories.

It will increase engagement, build a community and help your followers feel tuned-in and excited for whatever is coming their way in terms of what your brand has to offer.

Questions to Ask on Instagram

Because of this unique opportunity provided by Instagram questions and Instagram Stories, we want to be able to take advantage of it.

Hence why we want to share a good, long list of questions you can share on Instagram for increased Engagement.

New call-to-action

Asking questions can also help you narrow down WHO is engaged with your brand and who you should and shouldn't pursue when it comes to moving your customers down the pipeline.

So, without further distraction, here's our incredible exhaustive list of questions  ideas to post on Instagram. (P.S These are also great questions to ask for an Instagram quiz!)

1. Is My Image Artsy and Indie Enough For the Instagram Crowd?

When it comes to sharing images through social media platforms, there are two things you always want to stay away from; horrible graphics and stock photos . Bad graphics speak for themselves, but stock photos have been pulling the wool over social media marketer's eyes for years but consumers are a little smarter. Especially the younger demographic that should be your target on Instagram. If you have to ask yourself if an image feels too "stocky", chances are you shouldn't post it. 

2. Have I Included Enough Descriptive Hashtags?

Unlike Twitter, where you should never use more than 2 hashtags max, Instagram has a different set of rules when it comes to these social conversation anchors. The right hashtags can considerably extend the reach of your posts. But and some say to use as many relevant ones as possible. But be sure to stay away from these banned by IG.

3. Are My Stories Appealing To the Young Generation? 

There are two types of social media managers: those who know their audience and those who think they know their audience. Don't be the latter. A photo series campaign around one of your most expensive, high-end liquors may not be the best idea if you're targeting say, college students on a budget.  

New call-to-action

Don't make the mistake of thinking that it's "only Instagram". What you post, how you post and when you post all matter. Keep these 3 questions in mind before posting and you'll see far better results than you would otherwise. 

So we've been over the basics, but it's important to make sure all the bases are covered. We're cheering you on, why not give you a push in the right direction?

For those of you who love to go live, asking questions can be a great way to keep people engaged.

But how do you go about asking questions AND responding live? What's the best way to navigate that situation?

Our advice? Ask the question(s) BEFORE going live. This gives your audience a chance to reflect, get back to you, and also allows you to police what questions you're forced to answer at the moment.

Not to mention it saves you from an awkward silence while you're waiting on questions to be submitted.

So there's the good old-fashioned way, which involves including a question in an Instagram caption OR asking a question on your Stories.

If you're asking a question about your stories, the answer is simple.

Start with uploading either a picture or a video you want to include with the question, If you don't have something in mind, that's okay. Just click "create".


In the top right corner, you'll see a "block" smiley face. Click on it!


Now you'll have the option of selecting a variety of fun and engaging "extras" for your Story. In this instance, you'll be selecting "question" or "poll".


The question is helpful if you are looking for long-ish responses to questions, and poll is better for yes/no or a limited to two short answers type of questions.


Post your question and watch the responses pour in! <3

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creative instagram story questions

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Creative Instagram Story Questions: Increase Engagement

author avatar

Shanoon Cox

Sep 01, 2022• Proven solutions

Who doesn't love the Instagram stories? Well, the Instagram story stays on the account for only 24 hours yet leaves a profound impact on your audience, and the coolest part is the lack of algorithms in such stories. You don't need to crack any algorithm to get at the top of the News Feed. It will always be there. The simple reason for using the feature of the Instagram story is effectiveness. It may be the only way to stand out in the hot mess of Instagram, especially when you are a business brand.

Instagram Story Questions

Why use Instagram story questions ? The ultimate answer for using such problems is to increase engagement. And that is the most powerful feature with regards to questions for the Instagram story sticker. The feature introduced in 2018 presents a bit invasive way of replying or followers' engagement than DMs. However, you can use the emoji slider or polls sticker to ask questions, but they won't allow free text exchange among the followers.

Best Questions to Ask on Instagram Story (50+)

There could be a lot of random Instagram story questions you can ask for. But, finding the significant and relevant ones may be a bit tricky task. Thus, we've come up with 50+ questions in sub-categories that you can ask followers or even non-followers provided your Instagram account is public.

1. Favorite Moments’ Questions

IG Story Questions Favorite Moments

If you want to build a memorable or trustworthy conversation, start with this thing of asking questions on favorite moments. Or, you can go through the conversation and continue the questions from right away. So, the items on favorite moments could be as follows.

2. Weekend Plans Questions

IG Story Questions Weekend Plan

Ask questions about weekend plans that could trigger a kind of excitement or curiosity in the mind of followers.

3. Funny Questions

IG Story Funny Questions

How can you forget asking the comical questions? It shows the sense of humor of both you as well as the follower. So, let’s study those questions!

4. This or That Questions

IG Story Questions

These are some of the best questions to ask on the Instagram story. You will get to know the opinion of others nicely.

5. Compliments Questions

IG Story Compliments Questions

Asking questions about compliments or directly giving compliments is the best part of Instagram story questions. Whether it's your crush or the guy you want to break the ice for, start with complimenting queries. So, you will be more noticeable by giving those friendly and flattering compliments.

How to use Instagram’s Question Stickers?

It is obvious that using question stickers of Instagram can make your questions look more visually striking. How to use it? The basic tutorial below will give you an answer.

Step 1: The first step for you would be to upload a photo in the Stories feature of Instagram.

Step 2: Click the Questions button.

Step 3: The default is ‘Ask me a question,’ which you can customize accordingly. Click the Send to button after adding your question.

Step 4: Click Share besides your story.

Step 5: Check Responses by clicking the profile icons of viewers.

Step 6: You can also Share the Response of viewers to other followers in the story.

It is no doubt the Instagram Story Questions feature is a significant aspect to increase engagement. Even if you want to break the ice or continue the conversation, use the best questions to ask on the Instagram story, and you are all with one of the important parts.

Comment Successful!

Instagram is one of the best platforms for podcasters. If you're a podcaster and want to reach more Instagram users, you must learn how to hashtag correctly!

by Shanoon Cox Jan 29, 2023 15:07 PM

Read More >

Do you want to add captions to your Instagram videos effortlessly? Read this article to find out three easy ways to add captions to Instagram videos.

Still having trouble increasing your Instagram followers? Check out these tips right now to help you gain followers quickly.

staff Editor

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cover image

14 Fun Instagram Question Sticker Ideas for Marketers

Instagram question stickers are the ultimate engagement power-up. These are the creative question sticker examples you’ll actually want to try.

There’s nothing we marketers love more than first party data, right? Instagram is one of the best places to get feedback directly from your customers. But then you have to deal with the 400 DMs crowding your inbox after you ask for it…

Enter: Instagram question stickers.

The questions sticker for Stories collects and organizes responses, and allows you to turn real feedback into valuable public content.

Here’s how to use the Instagram questions sticker, plus 14 creative ideas to inspire you.

Bonus: Download a free checklist that reveals the exact steps a fitness influencer used to grow from 0 to 600,000+ followers on Instagram with no budget and no expensive gear.

What is the Instagram question sticker?

The Instagram question sticker is an interactive form you can insert into an Instagram Story. You can customize it to include any question you want to ask your audience. The Instagram users who view your Story can tap the sticker to send you a short answer or message.

Instagram Story question stickers allow you to easily engage your audience, as well as start conversations. Responses are stored together in the Story insights tab, instead of with your regular DMs.

You can publicly share sticker replies as new Stories, which is perfect for Q&As or FAQs.

Amaretti bundle price fall winter candle

How to use the Instagram question sticker: 7 steps

1. create an instagram story.

You can add a question sticker to any type of Story, including video and photo formats. Create your Instagram Story as you normally would by tapping the plus sign at the top and selecting Story .

2. Add the question sticker

After you’ve created your Story photo or video, tap the sticker icon at the top. Then tap Questions .

add question sticker to photo of dog

3. Type in your question

Tap the placeholder “Ask me a question” to replace it with your own text. Or, leave it there if you want your audience to ask you questions.

4. Position the sticker

You can move the question sticker around your Story like any other element. Pinch it inward with two fingers to shrink it, or outward to make the sticker bigger.

position question sticker about coffee in Instagram story

Pro tip: Don’t place it too close to the sides or bottom of the frame. People may miss tapping the sticker and instead scroll to the next Story.

They could go back to try again, but may decide it’s not worth it and move on. Maximize responses by making it as easy as possible for people to use.

5. Share your Story

6. check responses.

Five seconds later, check for any replies. Kidding! Don’t obsess: Your question sticker will collect responses for the entire 24 hours your Story is live, and you can still see them after your Story expires. You don’t need to worry about missing any.

To see replies, open Instagram, then tap on your own profile photo to open your Story.

You can swipe through them until you get to the one with your question sticker, or swipe up to scroll through faster.

Swipe up to see responses sorted from newest to oldest. Tap See all to scroll through all the responses so far.

view responses to sticker from newest to oldest

7. Share responses

Tap an answer to respond either publicly with Share Response or privately with Message @username .

response to Instagram question about coffee

When you respond publicly, the answer becomes part of your Story. You can create any kind of Story behind it—video, photo, text, etc.

It won’t include the submitter’s photo and username, but they receive an in-app notification that you answered their question.

public response to "6 million coffees a day" answer - confirmed as the same person

Want to share more than one answer?

Take screenshots of all the answers you want to share. Go to your phone’s photo editor and crop each screenshot so that only the question sticker you want remains.

take screenshot of answers and use photo editor to crop

Create a new Story, then add each cropped screenshot to it by tapping the sticker icon and choosing the photo option.

create new story adding cropped answers to coffee question

One drawback of this method is that no one will receive the notification that you shared their response, like they would have if you followed the first method.

You’ll see Replied for ones you’ve shared or messaged which is helpful if multiple people manage your Instagram account.

answers you have replied to

8. Optional: Check responses after your Story expires

Been over 24 hours and your Story’s gone? No sweat, you can check question sticker responses anytime from your Archive (as long as you’ve turned on the Story Archive feature in Settings).

Tap the 3-line menu at the top right, then go to Archive . Scroll through until you see your question sticker Story. Tap it, then swipe up to see all the responses.

14 creative Instagram question sticker ideas for brands

1. run a q&a.

Yep, you can use the question box to collect questions from your audience — and not just answers to your questions.

Instagram question stickers are a super simple way to host a Q&A, since it’s so easy for your audience. Throw a question sticker into your Stories, then answer the responses publicly for everyone to learn from.

Mila air purifier Q&A

2. Connect over shared values

As a company, B Corporation is all about values. Their certification program is one of the best known for verifying the social and environmental commitments of its enrolled members.

By asking their audience to suggest individuals doing great work, they bridge the gap between their corporate purpose and values and the community at large.

Mitzi Jonelle Tan climate justice activist

3. Host a takeover

Instagram takeovers can boost your engagement and bring in fresh eyes. Adding a question sticker is a good jumping off point for your guest to start creating content with, and your audience will love the chance to interact directly with someone they look up to.

Of course, it has to make sense for your brand. Being a regular sports sponsor, Redbull knew their audience would love this takeover with Olympic skier Eileen Gu.

Eileen Gu Redbull Instagram takeover

4. Get feedback on a product or service

Sometimes your customers may have a simple product question, but not need to know enough to make it worth contacting your customer service team. Or, a potential customer is almost ready to buy, except for that one thing they want to know first.

Instagram question stickers are the perfect low-friction way to engage these people. Glossier’s social team sourced answers from company executives and skincare experts, adding credibility and transparency to their responses.

Glossier how many times a week to use solution with input from VP of Product Marketing and Development

5. Get silly

Your social media shouldn’t be all sell and no swell. Have a little fun once in awhile. Isn’t that what being “social” means?

Ask your followers something unrelated to your products. Not to mine for data points about their personality type so you can tailor better ads to them, but just for some good old fashioned conversation.

Bonus: Screenshot your Story and share it as a post to spark even more conversations on your main feed, too.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Pure Organic Snacks (@pureorganicsnacks)

6. Build hype for a launch

Tease a new product or store location in your Stories and have your audience guess what it is, or when it’ll launch. Or, announce the new product and get people to submit reasons they’re excited about it to build up social proof even before it’s available.

It can also be an opportunity to clarify details about your launch, like opening hours, location, or all the finer details people may miss at first. Save these as a temporary highlight while your launch is going on.

tease holiday pop-up store in Instagram story

7. Save responses to a FAQ highlight

Save time answering DMs and give your customers access to the info they need 24/7 by creating a FAQ highlight. Add previous Stories from your Archive where you answered a common question.

Firefly by Leckey practical sound products for children with additional needs

Better yet, post an Instagram Story every month or two to ask your audience if they have any questions and add any new ones to the FAQ.

The easiest way to ensure that happens? Schedule your Instagram Stories in advance with Hootsuite—plus Reels, carousels, and everything in between. Here’s how fast you can set and forget your Instagram content:

8. Get to know your audience

People love talking about themselves. Give them the opportunity to do so and you’ll get increased engagement metrics and potentially valuable marketing data, if you ask something related to your business.

Penguin knows their audience are book lovers. Asking what they’re reading now is topical, but could also be a good segue to talk about their upcoming book releases, or to encourage followers to sign up for a launch email list.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Penguin Teen (@penguinteen)

9. Influencer marketing campaigns

Most Instagram influencer campaigns ask for a feed post, a Reel, and/or a Story. As part of that, ask your influencer to include a question sticker in their Story.

Allow your influencer partner to answer the questions that come in. Answering in their own unique voice builds trust between their audience and you.

KidzShack influencer partnership for cubby hack

10. Test your customers’ knowledge

Turn key features of your product or service into a fun quiz. You can use a mix of the polling stickers (for quick multiple choice taps) and question stickers (for text/freeform answers) to create a series of Instagram Stories highlighting key marketing messages.

Best of all, it doesn’t matter if people answer correctly. Share correct answers and (nicely) acknowledge wrong ones to educate everyone. Save the quiz as a Story highlight for maximum reach. Then, automatically turn that highlight into a Reel . Boom.

Trexo robotics customer knowledge test

11. Answer questions on Live video

Live video is effective for reaching your audience ( 30% of people watch at least one live stream every week) and effective at converting them, too. Nothing shows off your genuine expertise better than going live.

Use Instagram question stickers to gather questions either ahead of a live event, or while you’re live. Posting it ahead of time allows you to start your livestream with valuable information right away. You can also share it to your profile (and other social accounts) to direct people to your Stories to submit a question.

When you’re live, users can ask questions in the regular chat bar that comes up on their screen but it’s easy to lose track of those.

In order to see questions while you’re live, you need to post your question sticker Story first, then go live. You can scroll through and choose questions to answer that appear on screen for your viewers. After the live, download the video and use it in future social content or other marketing materials.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by @schoolofkicking

12. Get leads

When hosting a Q&A about your business, or when someone asks you about your products, use it as an opportunity to direct people to your lead magnet or landing page.

You can even encourage these responses by asking leading questions, like, “What’s your biggest business challenge right now?” or, “Do you struggle with [insert the thing your product/service solves]?” When answering questions, offer real advice and pop in a link to a related opt-in, event, or other entry into your sales funnel.

It’s old school and it works.

best place to take digital marketing course response by Amy Porterfield's copywriter

13. Run a contest

Instagram contests are powerful engagement boosters. Photo caption contests are popular because they’re easy to enter and all those extra comments are great for your metrics.

We’ve all seen posts like this:

View this post on Instagram A post shared by SteelyardCoffeeCo. (@steelyardcoffeeco)

But this type of contest works even better with Instagram question stickers. All your entries will be in one place, and all those engagements will help your Stories show up sooner in the algorithm .

Make a question sticker to collect caption entries, like this (except asking for captions, of course).

MEC tips for taking care of your mental health

Share your favorites publicly while the contest is still on to get more entries, then share the winner after.

14. Ask people what they want

Sometimes simple is best. Just ask your audience what they want to see.

If you’re attending a local event or an industry trade show and covering it on Instagram, use a question sticker for your peeps to tell you what to show them.

The Local Space Chilliwack event showcase

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creative instagram story questions

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creative instagram story questions

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+50 Insta Story Quiz Question ideas (Personal, Travel & Business)

' src=

Want some fun Insta Story Quiz question ideas?

Let’s test the knowledge of your followers!

If you missed it, click here  to see how to use the Insta Story Quiz feature.

The Quiz feature allows you to write a question and a few potential answers. Only one answer is correct. People will take a guess, select one answer and they will be able to see immediately if they were right or wrong.

If they are right, confettis are going to fly all over their screen. If they are wrong, their screen is going to shake, and the correct answer will appear on their screen.

creative instagram story questions

Quiz questions about you

You can start your Quiz by asking people: “How well do you think you know me?” And you can end your Story by asking: “So, how did you do?”

creative instagram story questions

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77 Questions for Instagram Story to Help Engage With Your Followers

creative instagram story questions

By Julia Jenkins

Last updated: December 30, 2022

questions for Instagram story.

When you buy something through one of the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Are you looking to up your Instagram game with engaging and interesting Story posts? Having great questions on your Instagram Story is a surefire way of capturing people's attention, inspiring conversations, and creating connections with your Instagram followers.

That's why we’re here today - in this article, we'll provide you with some inspiration for questions to post on Instagram Stories that will help you engage with your audience no matter how many followers you've got! Read on for our top picks of interactive Instagram questions that are guaranteed to help boost engagement on your page!

The Best Ways For Brands to use the Questions Feature on Instagram Stories?

8 personality instagram stories questions, 8 questions about your instagram, 8 instagram questions about your business/brand, 8 “never have i ever” instagram questions, 8 questions about hobbies and interests, 8 general knowledge instagram questions, 10 icebreaker questions for stories, 10 funny and lighthearted instagram story question ideas for your followers, 9 instagram story questions about dreams, goals, and aspirations, wondering where you can view all the answers your question has received.

Having an Instagram account offers brands and businesses many creative ways to connect with their followers, but one of the best means is leveraging its questions feature on Instagram Stories.

The "Questions" sticker feature lets you ask Instagram followers questions and get answers to your post fast. This can help you build relationships with your audience easily and quickly. By using the Questions Sticker on Instagram Stories, you can now spark conversations with your Instagram followers and gather valuable insights into their thoughts.

creative instagram story questions

When you ask questions on Instagram Stories, and your followers answer questions it can also be a great market research tool. You'll receive responses that help you learn more about what followers want from you. By incorporating an interactive element, you place your Instagram audience in the center of your content - crafting a captivating experience that helps to build lasting relationships.

When coming up with new ideas for Instagram Questions, remember that half of all Instagram users who engage with a brand's content on the stories platform have visited its website .

questions for instagram stories - screenshot from instagram

To genuinely link with your audience with the Questions Sticker, consider how any questions on Instagram Stories are applicable to your company when developing them. This will help establish a strong and meaningful connection between you and anyone viewing your Instagram account.

77 Instagram Story question ideas

Looking for a fun way to boost engagement with your audience? When you post questions via your Instagram Story, you create an interactive experience that people love to engage with!

Not only will asking your Instagram audience fun questions to answer on your stories help you learn more about them and what they like when you view responses, but it also encourages an open dialogue. Plus, if their friends chime in on the conversation too, you might also gain some new followers for your Instagram page. 

People love to talk about themselves, so posing these types of questions on your stories for Instagram followers to answer can help create more engagement.

These types of questions can help you gain ideas about what kind of content your Instagram audience is most interested in. Draw inspiration from the answers on your Stories to create more content in the future that will surely captivate them.

questions for instagram stories -  instagram logos

Asking questions via Instagram Stories is an effective way to engage with your followers, learn more about them, and gain valuable insights into what they want from your business. Make it positive, and invite your Instagram followers to answer and share their thoughts with you!

These types of questions - inspired by the classic game “Never Have I Ever” - are great to ask on Instagram and will get your followers talking.

These questions are ideal to ask on Instagram to engage with your followers, learn more about their interests, and help them connect with people who share similar passions.

These types of questions can help your Instagram followers learn something new and spark conversations.

questions for instagram stories - someone opening the instagram app on their phone

These types of questions are great for sparking conversation and inspiring fun and creative responses from your Instagram followers.

These questions help create a fun and lighthearted atmosphere on your Instagram feed.

These types of questions in your Stories can help your Instagram followers reflect on their lives and focus on their dreams and ambitions.

How to Use The Instagram Questions Sticker

The Instagram Story Questions Sticker is a great way to engage your followers and share their thoughts on topics you're discussing.

When you get a good question idea:

creative instagram story questions

creative instagram story questions

When followers answer your question on your Instagram story, share any interesting answers you see. Review each individual response you receive from Instagram followers and use their ideas as inspiration for posting next time!

Remember to thank your Instagram followers for their answers to your post and make sure they know that their ideas, feedback, and comments are valued.

To learn more about maximizing your earnings on Instagram, check out our full article on Instagram affiliate marketing.

To locate your responses to your Instagram Questions, simply check out your own Story. At the bottom left of the corner, where you can see how many people have watched it, click on that to view all responses to your post.

When tapped upon, a new window will open up highlighting who viewed the Story and any answers or comments they've added in response to your question. You can click on the Share Response button to broadcast interesting responses to your Story.

Asking questions on Instagram Stories for your audience to answer is a great way to get more engagement, gain followers, and build relationships. You can ask questions using the Question sticker, Polling sticker, or by asking multiple questions in one Story post.

Whether you want to get to know your Instagram followers better or just have some fun conversations, this article has given you lots of interesting and creative question ideas that you can use to start a conversation on your Instagram Story.

Be creative and mix things up on your Instagram Story. Use the Questions Sticker to post fun or lighthearted questions, get to know your audience better with personal questions, or ask thought-provoking questions about dreams and aspirations. With the Instagram Question Sticker, you can also easily ask quiz questions, pose polls, and get creative with the emoji slider to collect feedback on your Story.

Regardless of your question type, Instagram Stories is an excellent platform for sparking meaningful interaction with your audience!

Start asking questions with the Instagram Question sticker today and see how posting using the questions feature can help you grow your community. Also, don't forget to use relevant hashtags and tag friends in your Instagram Stories to increase visibility! Good luck. :)

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creative instagram story questions

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10 Instagram Questions Ideas (+ Sticker How-To)

creative instagram story questions

When it comes to boosting engagement and sparking conversations on your Instagram account, nothing beats Instagram’s Questions Sticker.

Whether you want to learn more about your followers, play fun Instagram games or teach your followers more about you this guide will help!

We’re showing you how to find the Questions Sticker, how to use it on your Stories, and give you a few Question ideas that will help you get results.

creative instagram story questions

How to Use the Instagram Questions Sticker

Instagram introduced the Questions sticker in 2018 to boost engagement with easy interaction. 

Unlike a Poll Sticker, where followers choose from a list of options, Questions Stickers open up the chance for users to respond however they choose. 

The following steps will teach you how to use Instagram Stories Questions Stickers, as well as how to check out the responses to your story and how to repost a response with your answer.

'Guess where I'm traveling next!' Instagram Story

How to Make an Instagram Questions Post on Stories

While it can have a big effect on your engagement with your followers, posting a Question Sticker to your next Story is actually a simple process:

Instagram Stories Create Mode

Don’t have a background image to upload? No worries! Instagram Create Mode has a handy Instagram Story template you can use to pose a question.

That’s not all – you can also use Polls, Quizzes, and Emoji Slider questions in Create Mode, too!

How to View Responses and Answer Questions

Now that you have your first sticker posted, you might be wondering how to respond to answers to questions in your Instagram post.

view responses and share from instagram questions sticker

Best Instagram Story Questions

Learning how to post Questions is only half the challenge. Choosing the right Question to post is also a must.

When it comes to engaging with your audience, there are several types of questions to choose from. Check out the following Instagram Story question ideas, we well as a few tips for setting them up to maximize engagement.

Instagram Q&A Questions

Being authentic on social media is essential to gaining your follower’s loyalty. Since 58% of users are more interested in a brand after seeing it in Stories, questions are a great way to do just that. 

They can help you connect with your audience on a more personal level by sharing details about your life. They are also great tools to teach users more about your product or service, by letting them ask you questions directly.

The Questions feature is the perfect way to host a Q&A Instagram session with your followers. Allow your users to ask you anything, or to ask anything about your business, and be prepared to answer honestly.

Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas

Need a little inspiration for your next live Q&A? Check out these fun questions and ideas to help you get started. We’ve split them into categories:

Instagram Live/Guests:

Relationship Building:

'What are you grateful for?' Instagram story

Product Research:

LEGO asks Instagram followers to answer a question as part of a giveaway

Keep the Goal and Branding in Mind

When you write Instagram questions, remember that 50% of Instagram users visit a company site after interacting with them on a story, so keep your brand in mind when coming up with questions. 

Don’t just focus on engagement, but try asking questions (even relationship questions) that will in some way reflect what’s important to your brand.

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Get More Instagram Question Sticker Ideas with Our Instagram Story Starters!

If you’re ready to start engaging on Stories but aren’t sure where to get started, our latest Instagram Story Starters offer is perfect for small businesses and Instagram users. You’ll get 4 weeks’ worth of daily story prompts and inspiration, including images, effects, text, and stickers to use! 

Not only are there prompts for the Instagram Question Sticker, but quiz questions, poll inspiration, and creative ways to use the emoji slider to collect feedback as well. Did we mention that it’s FREE???

Instagram Questions Ideas (+Sticker How-To!)

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creative instagram story questions

Ask Me a Question Ideas for Instagram Stories

Need a fresh set of ideas for your Ask me a Question Instagram Stories? Look no further, as we give you a list of the most creative and engaging formats.

ask me a question ideas

In short, the ‘Questions’ feature allows users to ask their followers questions and receive quick, concise answers in return. Not only does this give your audience a voice, but it also helps you get to know them better.

If you’re looking for some creative and fun ways to gamify the Questions feature, look no further— Flick is here to help! We’ve put together a list of fun, Ask Me A Question-style games that you can put together for your followers.

Let’s get started!

Jump to a section ✨

What Are Instagram Stories?

What Is Instagram’s ‘Questions’ Feature?


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Bottom Line

What Is Gamification (And Why Should You Care)?

In the intro to this article, we used the word “gamification”. This is an incredibly important concept to know when it comes to maximizing engagement on Instagram.

Gamification is the use of game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage and motivate users. In other words, it’s taking something that isn’t a game and adding elements of fun or competition to make it more engaging.

Think about it like this—if you’re trying to get people to do something (anything, really), adding game-like elements is a simple way of offering an incentive. Why? Because games are fun! They’re also motivating , challenging , and rewarding .

When you add these elements to otherwise mundane tasks, you can create an addictive feeling that encourages people to keep coming back for more. For a simple example of this, just look at apps like Duolingo. Points , XP , streaks —these are all elements of gamification that reward engagement. This same principle applies to Instagram Stories. The only real difference is how you go about it.

More on that in a minute, though!

On the off chance, there’s anyone reading who isn’t quite sure what Stories are, here’s a quick rundown!

Instagram Stories are a series of vertical photos or videos that disappear after 24 hours . They live in a separate part of the app from your regular feed and can be accessed by tapping on your profile picture from either your feed tab or profile tab.

Stories can be anything you want them to be—a day in the life, a behind-the-scenes look, a quick thought or update—and they’re a great way to give your followers a more personal look at what’s going on with you.

They’re also perfect for engagement—because they disappear after just 24 hours, viewers are more likely to pay attention and interact with them while they’re still up.

This is where the ‘Questions’ feature comes in!

When we talk about the ‘Question’ feature on Instagram, we’re referring to an interactive sticker that Instagram added in early 2018. The sticker is a simple question box that you can edit and add to an Instagram Story. To use it, follow these simple steps:

Once posted, your followers can tap the question box to respond to whatever prompt you’ve given them! The Questions sticker lasts for as long as your Story is live (i.e., 24 hours ). After that, your followers won’t be able to interact with it.

To view responses, just tap on the story featuring the Questions sticker and swipe up! You’ll be able to browse a list of all the people who responded to your question to quickly scan their answers.

Since the feature launched, creators and brands alike have used the sticker to turn their Stories into games that drive engagement or tools for market research. These interactive questions also help increase your follower retention, as many will look forward to your Stories as places to play games or have their voices heard.

Tip : Want to learn some more of our top Instagram Story hacks? Save this article for later!

How Is Instagram’s ‘Questions’ Feature Useful?

Instagram’s ‘Questions’ feature is an important tool for encouraging communication between you and your followers. It’s all well and good to produce posts for your followers, but you need much more than that if you want to build a loyal community.

Getting to know each other better is one way of bringing you and your followers closer together. Asking questions gives you a reason to interact and share opinions.

The ‘Questions’ feature makes it easy for you to post questions and receive responses. You can customize your stories to suit your audience and attract more attention. People are more likely to view a story that looks visually interesting .

Why Is Asking The Right Questions Important?

When it comes to asking your followers questions, you shouldn’t just pick any random question that pops up in your head. The questions you ask must grab your audience and capture their attention. If you want them to respond to your story, they need to have a genuine interest in your question.

Your question must attract your followers’ attention . That means the subject of your question must be intriguing enough to capture their interest. Ask about a topic they’re familiar with.

When choosing a question to ask, you have to consider whether the topic is interesting or relatable. If your audience isn’t engaged in your question, they won’t bother to respond.

Your Instagram questions should entertain people. That means your question should be formatted in a way that stands out. Ask the right questions to get people excited and more likely to respond. For example, include a fun fact or put a prize on the line.

If you ask the right questions, you can quickly foster a positive relationship with your audience. You can use questions to find out more about your followers, such as their hobbies or opinions.

When deciding which questions to ask in your Instagram stories, there are a number of factors you must consider.

Your questions should always be tailored toward your specific audience. Think about their interests and hobbies as well as their life experiences. It’s impossible to know exactly what your followers have been through in life, but you can make an educated guess based on their age or location.

Consider popular trends when forming your Instagram questions. Most Instagram users will be aware of trending topics, so mentioning trends in your questions can boost engagement and interest.

When choosing questions to ask, you have to keep in mind your existing content. Your audience follows you for a reason – they enjoy your content. This means that they have a genuine interest in your industry or field.

For example, if you post original art on your Instagram, it’s safe to say that your followers have an interest in art.

One of the most important factors to keep in mind is relatability. Your questions have to be relatable to your audience. Otherwise, they won’t be able to answer them. For example, don’t ask an audience that has no interest in IT about programming.

Find common interests between you and your followers, and ask questions your audience can answer. For example, if your audience is made up of parents, ask about their children.

How To Know You’re Asking The Right Questions

After going through the process of deciding on some questions, it’s hard to know for sure you’ve chosen the right ones. We’ll go through some tips that can help you make sure you’ve got the best Instagram questions. We’ll also give you some example questions later on for those who need a bit of inspiration.

First of all, you should track your account growth to see if your questions are increasing your online engagement. Look at how many followers you’ve gained, how many likes and views your stories have received, and how engagement has improved since you started asking your chosen questions.

To research this, use Flick’s Analytics tool. You can view your reach rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, engagement rate, and rankings.

Once you’ve decided on some topics to ask about, test how effective they are by posting some experimental questions. Look at their engagement rates and view the responses.

For example, look at how many people viewed your stories and how many responses each one received. You can also look at the quality of each response. Do they sound interested in the question? Are they actually answering the question? How long is the response? Are you satisfied with the response?

Use this information to measure how successful each question was. Repeat this process for different questions to get a good feel for what receives the best engagement.

Creative Questions To Ask On An Instagram Story

With that background information out of the way, we can finally get to the good stuff—questions to ask on Instagram Stories.

Basically, the goal is to ask your followers creative, interesting questions that get them thinking, laughing, and engaging. You can ask anything you want—the more thought-provoking, the better!

Instagram Analytics

Grow your account with best-in-class Instagram Analytics.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

These questions are designed to open up a dialogue with your followers about their relationship with your account. They can be incredibly valuable for planning future content and gaining insights into your target audience!

Examples of inspiration:

These questions are similar to the ones above but are more focused on getting to know your followers’ interests, attitudes, and opinions. They’re great for building a strong community!

These questions aim to introduce a new product to viewers in order to raise awareness. They focus on market research by getting your followers’ opinions on the product, suggestions for improvement, and what they like about the product.

Personal questions are a great way for your followers to get to know you as a creator, employee, CEO—whatever your role is in relation to the account or brand. By asking questions, you’re giving yourself the platform to let your personality shine through!

Finally, we have fun questions. Questions in this category might bear similarities to other categories we’ve mentioned, but they’re distinguished by the fact that they aren’t especially serious. You won’t be gaining many actionable insights by asking these questions, but you will be driving engagement!

Ask me a Question Ideas for Instagram Stories

Now it’s time to turn up the gamification even more. Let’s take a look at some fun and engaging ways you can use Questions sticker games to interact with your followers through “ask me a question” games!

When the Questions sticker first launched on Stories, you might remember a lot of the Stories you were watching featuring ‘Ask me Anything’ games. These pretty much worked as advertised—users encouraged their followers to ask questions they wanted to know.

This is the simplest idea but is a great way to get closer to your following and let them discover a little more about yourself. All you have to do is add the Sticker to the first slide of a Story, prompting your followers to ask you questions – you can frame it around a certain topic, or leave it broader.

Then, when the responses start to roll in, you can respond to their questions with videos, pictures, or text. This gives an increased authenticity to your content, as it feels like you are responding directly to the followers who answered your questions, creating more of a relationship and open conversation.

Want to use the question sticker to create more of a guessing game that your followers can get involved in? A fun way to do this is through a good old-fashioned game of ‘Guess who?’

Upload text or image clues to your Stories, which hint at a specific public figure, film, or art piece—you name it (whatever fits into your profile niche), and have your followers guess from the clues, using your question sticker.

You can later follow up with the correct answers, and share funny responses you might have received.

Want to understand what your followers are thinking? Don’t we all. So why not just ask them directly? A fun way to get an idea of what your audience is like is by using the question sticker to ask them opinions on specific topics. This can be anything from what type of content they enjoy seeing, to whose outfit they liked best at the Met Gala.

It’s a great way of not only showing your followers that you value their opinions and thoughts, but also the perfect means of understanding exactly what they want to see. The better you can respond with the content they enjoy, the more likely they are to stick around, as they will see you have taken their opinions on board.

You may have seen this trend already on YouTube or even Instagram, but another Ask me a Question idea for your Instagram Stories is directly posing the question: “What are your assumptions about me?”

Your followers, who may not know you very well, can pop in what they assume about you, and you can respond by telling them whether they were right or wrong. This is a fun way to see what your followers think of you, but also a way to respond to any common questions or comments you might get on your posts.

Another fun idea you can try is creating your very own Instagram Stories pub quiz. Quickfire questions have taken features like Reels and platforms like TikTok by storm, as they almost create a mini-game show environment that tests users’ knowledge. You can do this too, by creating a pub quiz related to something in your niche, making use of varying stickers and functions on Stories.

Combining features means your Stories are a little less repetitive and allow followers to interact in different ways, so you can frame some of your questions using direct responses from the question sticker, yes or no polls, and even the quiz sticker which allows users to pick from a multiple-choice list of answers.

Some accounts like @notanothertruecrime really ace this and have their followers looking forward to the next quiz game they get to play.

A classic game we love to hate, this can be another creative idea to engage your followers and challenge them to think of weird and wonderful responses. Ask them to complete the sentence: ‘Never have I ever’ in the question sticker, and respond to the answers that you have or haven’t done!

‘Would You Rather’ can provide some interesting responses from your followers, as they have to choose between two—often incredibly difficult—things. You could get creative with this one too and come up with some funny or impossible scenarios for your followers to choose from!

For example, you might ask something like:

Or, if you want to get really creative:

This is a great way to get your followers thinking, and you can even follow up with some of their responses later on.

Want even more ideas on how to get your followers to engage with your content? Join our Facebook Group where the best content creators, social media managers, and more are sharing their secrets:

Flick Community

Up your IG Game and connect with other creators & marketers.

This next one is a bit more involved, but we think it’s pretty fun! To create a story chain, post an Instagram Story with the opening line of a story in the text—something obvious like “Once upon a time…”.

Below this, you’ll add a Questions sticker that invites your followers to keep the story going. Once you’ve got a funny or interesting response, add the person’s sentence to the official and repost the Questions sticker until you have another great response!

The result is usually a jarringly funny story that sounds like it was written by someone with an incredibly short attention span. Your followers will love getting their contributions posted and seeing what “creative” piece of writing they can come up with together!

We hope you are now packed with plenty of ideas for your next ‘Ask me a Question’ Instagram Story. Want to up your Story game even further? Head to our ultimate guide for creating engaging and inspiring Story content!

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Instagram Questions: 16 Ways to Boost Story Engagement

Caroline Forsey

Published: July 19, 2022

Instagram is a powerful channel for businesses to reach a larger audience — in fact, approximately 80% of the platform's one billion users follow at least one business on Instagram.

marketer uses Instagram questions to increase engagement

If your brand is on Instagram, you need to be communicating and engaging with your audience, and Instagram Questions can help you do just that.

Download Now: Free Instagram for Business Kit + Templates

Introduced in 2018, Questions Sticker found within Instagram stories is a feature that makes it easier than ever to engage with, and receive feedback from, your followers. Here, we're going to explore 15 creative ways to use Instagram's Questions Sticker to engage with your followers. But first, let's review how to use it.

Table of Contents:

Instagram Story Questions Ideas

How to use instagram's questions sticker.

1. Go to your Stories feature , and either upload a photo or take one (I took one within the Stories feature of my pizza box). Then, click the square smiley face in the top right of your screen.

Instagram Questions: how to upload an Instagram Story

2. Click the "Questions" module.

how to use Instagram Questions

3. The default for the Questions Sticker is "Ask me a question" but you can click the text to type a customized question — for instance, I typed "I love this pizza place! What's everyone's favorite pizza toppings?" Once you're done, add filters or any other features you'd like to include.

When you're ready to post, click "Send To" in the bottom right.

Posting Instagram Questions

4. Finally, click "Share" beside "Your Story" to post your question to your Story.

Share Questions to Instagram Stories

5. When you're ready to see your followers' answers to your question, open your Story and click the images of the profiles in the bottom left (these are the people who've seen your Story).

See Answers to Instagram Questions

6. You'll see "Responses" above the list of people who've seen your post. To individually share one to your Story, click on it.

creative instagram story questions

7. Click "Share Response" to share an individual response to your Story for your other followers to see.

Share Instagram Questions response

8. Next, take a photo or upload one, and the follower's response you chose will appear on top of the image. When you're ready to post, click "Send To" in the bottom right.

How to post a response to Instagram Questions on your Instagram Story

It's important to note — your followers will become tired of constantly answering questions on your Story, so use the Questions feature sparingly. You don't want to overuse the Questions Sticker and risk answer-fatigue from participants.

Additionally, you have a "Poll" feature if you want to ask your followers a binary question, like "Which pizza topping is better, cheese or pepperoni?" Save your Questions feature for more complex questions — and try to make them fun. Remember, your followers are on Instagram for entertainment, so they don't want to feel quizzed by tough questions.

Lastly, consider what types of questions might actually help you know more about your audience. This will take some trial-and-error, since every brand's audience is unique, so test a few different formats. For instance, if your brand is in the tech industry, perhaps you want to post a Question asking your followers' their feedback on an innovative new tech product.

Alternatively, if your brand is in the retail industry, maybe you want to ask more generic questions like, "Do you still follow the no-white after Labor Day rule? If so, tell me why."

For more inspiration, let's explore some creative ways influencers, celebrities, and brands use the Questions Sticker.

1. Conduct a Q&A with your followers.

Influencers and celebrities often use Instagram Story Questions to conduct Q&As with their fans. For instance, Ali Fedotowsky , a blogger and former Bachelorette , will typically tell her followers to "Ask me stuff :)" at the end of the day.

Her responses are usually fun, casual, and friendly — like "Today? The wine" in response to "Best part of being a mom?". These Q&A's enable Ali's followers to feel like they're having a casual conversation with a friend. Additionally, the Q&A's help Ali create stronger relationships with her fans and gear content towards what they want to know.

Instagram Questions: hosting an ask-me-anything series

2. Showcase your brand's values.

Away , a luggage company with 577K followers on Instagram, used the Questions Sticker to show support for Pride week while engaging meaningfully with followers. In the first post, they wrote "Happy #Pride from all of us at Away", and followed the post with a question — "How are you celebrating?" to further engage with followers.

Instagram Questions: Away Pride Stories

3. Conduct a pop quiz.

Companies can use the Questions Sticker to test the audience's knowledge or ask fun questions related to the brand. Pattern , a company that sells products specifically for curly hair, is expanding its product distribution and asked its audience to guess what the first international retailer will be. 

Instagram Questions: Pattern Beauty

This approach gets the audience involved in the distribution conversation and helps potential customers in that geographic location get excited about picking up the product at a retailer near them. 

4. Ask followers their thoughts on a new product or service launch.

If done wisely, you might consider using the Questions Sticker to ask your followers what they think about a new product or service — but conduct these Questions sparingly, since they might seem too self-promotional.

Beardbrand , a line of high-quality grooming products for men, effectively used the Questions Sticker to ask their niche audience how they felt about Beardbrand's new shampoo and conditioner products. Beardbrand also posted their followers' answers, and used it as an opportunity to demonstrate the brand's sense of humor — for instance, in response to a follower's "Crafted by the gods" answer, Beardbrand posted "If you say so" with a side-eye emoji.

If you do decide to ask followers about their thoughts on your product or service, consider posting their answers with funny or unique responses as well.

Beardband uses Instagram Questions

5. Share information from a thought leader or expert.

Your Questions feature doesn't just have to feature your own brand — you might also use it to post useful content from other experts in the field, as long as you believe your followers would still be interested in it.

For instance, Eva Chen , an author and influencer with 2 million followers on Instagram, knows a good portion of her followers are mothers as well — which is why she featured her sleep trainer, @thebabycoachofficial, on her Story to answer some of her followers' biggest sleep-related questions. This partnership helps @thebabycoachofficial reach a new audience and grow her following, while providing Eva Chen's followers with free, useful tips — a win, win.

Thought Leader Instagram Questions

6. Use Questions as a lead generation strategy.

Megan Gilmore is a best-selling author and creator of the Instagram account @Detoxinista , which posts healthy recipes as well as Instant Pot tips-and-tricks. When Gilmore conducts "Ask me anything" Q&A's, her followers typically ask recipe-related questions, which allows Gilmore to organically link to recipes on her blog — for instance, in response to "A good vegetable soup recipe", Gilmore links to her vegetable soup recipe.

However, it's important to note Gilmore doesn't just link externally in her Q&A's — she also provides useful tips and content from within the Story itself. When followers ask her about an Instant Pot, for instance, she posted the answer right within the Story for other followers to see.

Simply put, you can use Questions as an opportunity to link to your website, blog posts, or other helpful content, but do so sparingly, and ensure some of your responses to your followers' questions can be found within the Story itself. This can help drive traffic to other content, but doesn't require your followers to be ready to click-away from your Instagram page if they don't want to.

How to use Instagram Questions for lead generation

7. Share tips from within the industry.

On Instagram, HubSpot's followers are often other marketers — which is why it's helpful for @HubSpot to post "What are some of your favorite marketing tips?" and share the responses of some of its followers, so other marketers within the industry can collect tips from a myriad of sources.

Ultimately, you might use Questions as an opportunity to connect with your followers and learn from them, as well. Rather than asking questions directly related to your product or service, consider how you might ask a question that helps your followers learn more about the state of the industry, including tips, trends, and new ideas to improve their own business strategy. Show them their voice is valuable, too.

Using Instagram Questions to share expert tips

8. Have fun with your followers!

Reese Witherspoon is an exceptional example of someone who uses Stories and the Questions Sticker, to have fun with her fans.

For instance, during the press tour for Big Little Lies , Witherspoon used the Questions feature to ask her fans for theme song recommendations for the tour. Later, she posted some of her favorites.

Ultimately, the Questions Sticker is a chance to have fun with followers and post lighter, more entertaining content. If your brand is heading to a conference, you might use Witherspoon's tactic to ask followers a good "theme song for the conference" or "favorite ice breakers to use at a conference". Plus, posting their responses shows them you're listening, and might make other followers more willing to partake in future Questions you post.

Howo to use Instagram Questions to have fun with your followers

9. Announce new releases.

Starbucks playfully quizzed their followers with a question that added up fire, chocolate, and sun emojis, and said "The __ _____ is coming back…". Starbucks then posted followers responses throughout the day, before finally posting one page with the "correct" answer — "S'mores Frappuccino".

By building suspense (and showcasing some funny followers' responses), Starbucks successfully created excitement around their new product while quickly (and cost-efficiently) spreading the word. You might consider using a similar strategy when announcing an upcoming new product or event.

Instagram Questions new product launch

10. Survey your followers.

Want to know how your followers feel about a particular topic, or what their preferences are? You can use the Questions Sticker as a feedback form. 

Whether you ask your audience their opinion on a recent event or ask an open-ended question they can provide the answer to, using Instagram Questions can provide insightful qualitative data about what matters most to your online community.

Luggage company Beis used a Q&A session about their newest product to survey their audience about what product they’d like to see next.

11. Play "caption this."

Want to get a little silly? Post a fun image on your Instagram Story and use a Questions Sticker titled "Caption This" to boost engagement. Share the funniest or best responses you get to your story to keep the conversation going. 

12. Generate new content ideas.

It's a good idea to use the Questions Sticker as an opportunity to ask followers what they want to see more or less of on your feed — it can help your team brainstorm more content while ensuring you're making viewers feel like their opinion is valuable to your brand.

Use the Sticker and ask your audience "What content would you like to see more of?" to help guide your content strategy for Instagram, your company blog, or even a podcast.

13. Have your followers submit questions for an upcoming Livestream.

Is Instagram Live part of your content plan? Generate excitement and buzz for an upcoming live by using the Questions Sticker to collect questions ahead of time.

Not only will this boost engagement on your stories, but it could help viewers tune into your live in hopes of getting their questions answered.

14. Ask for recommendations.

You can also use the question sticker to ask your audience for recommendations. Content creator Carissa Stanton hosts monthly book clubs on her Instagram account and uses the Questions Sticker to ask her audience for book recommendations.

Instagram Questions: Recommendations

15. Use the questions sticker to facilitate an Instagram takeover.

Instagram takeovers typically involve having a guest post Stories from their perspective for a set period of time. Using the Questions Sticker allows your audience to get to know the guest better and provides a bit more structure to the takeover.

Instagram Questions: Summer Fridays Ask a Derm Series

Your Instagram takeover guest can use the Questions Sticker to take questions for an "ask-me-anything" session or ask them about their favorite products or offerings related to your brand.

16. Create a weekly content series.

Looking for more consistent content ideas? Use the Questions Sticker as part of a weekly content offering on your Instagram account. Choose a day each week to post the Questions Sticker, with a standing prompt to build engagement and loyalty.

Instagram Questions: Content Series

Implementing a similar strategy can build a sense of trust with your audience, and gives them a reason to keep coming back to your Stories on a regular basis.

The Instagram Questions feature is a great way to encourage conversation with the people who follow your account, creating a more engaging social media experience.

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