Shortcuts that’ll change your life

…well, your presentation anyway. Create presentations faster than ever before with a few of our favorite shortcuts:

Copy and Paste

You can even copy an entire topic and place it elsewhere in your presentation.


Rotate and Resize

Adjust an object, shape or image ‘til it’s perfect.


Draw a rectangle to select multiple objects and edit them all at once.


To learn more about shortcuts, check this article in our Knowledge Base.

Two “adjustments”:

In Windows 10 you may need to hold CTRL + ALT + drag for the rotation option to appear.

Also speaking from a Windows 10 machine, to resize equally on all sides, so that it gets bigger or smaller from its center point, use the CTRL + drag option. To resize the way you have shown in above illustrations, where one corner remains in place while you are resizing from the opposite corner, you can simply drag a corner without holding any key. It’s nice to have both options!


i found a shortcut to quit the presentation press command+q

Hello @Ezekiel_Mascoll1 , yes, using the cmd+q shortcut you can quit any running applications on your Mac computer.

Is there a way to define keyboard shortcuts to move to a particular topic rather than using mouse. Keyboard as I understand only supports, forward and backward in the defined sequence. While with a mouse in presentation mode, I can go to any topic merely by clicking it. I am looking for similar possibility from keyboard using shortcut like ctrl+3 to move to 3 topic directly(basically want to gamify it with IoT touch control, which will act as a keyboard).

Hey @Shishir_Saxena , this feature is not possible to implement I’m afraid. Currently, the keyboard shortcuts available in Present mode are limited, and cannot be changed:

  • left and right jumps to the previous and next step
  • backspace lets you jump back a level
  • home and end jumps to the beginning and the end respectively
  • space advances the presentation by one step
  • you can also use the mouse to skip the default sequence and jump around the presentation at free will

I’m afraid reprogramming these keys is not possible, Ctrl / Cmd + numbers would jump between the browser’s tabs.


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27 Shortcuts for Prezi

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Prezi Shortcuts

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