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6 Best Presentation Software Options for Salespeople 2022

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software to make sales presentations

Presentation software are tools that help sales teams create and deliver visually appealing presentations to their prospects. The top software offer slide deck templates and customization tools plus upgrades to access advanced features such as multimedia imports and interactive tools to keep prospects engaged throughout the presentation. To help you choose the one for you, we've compiled the top presentation software, including what they’re best suited for.

Here are the top six presentation software options:

If you're specifically looking to create free presentations, check out our guide to the best free presentation software . There, you'll find the top no-cost options plus their use cases, features, and available upgrades.

How We Evaluated the Best Presentation Software

To determine the best software to create professional-looking sales presentations , we created four criteria comprised of weighted subcriteria. Then, we assigned scores and summed each of the subcriteria and criteria scores to give each software option an overall score out of five. We added the six highest-scoring options to our list and assigned each of them a primary use case. Take a look at our evaluation criteria below:

Evaluation Criteria

We first looked at each presentation software's cost, then considered their range of core and advanced features that help you deliver effective sales presentations. Finally, we assigned an expert score that covered ease of use and reputation among its exisiting users.

Cost Overview

We considered pricing tiers, user limits, included free support, and trial period length.

Core Features Overview

We compared the core features of each platform, such as presentation templates and integrations.

Advanced Features Overview

We compared useful advanced features like mobile/tablet compatibility and interactive engagement.

Expert Score Overview

We examined each option ourselves and combed through business ratings for a general consensus on ease of use, popularity/reputation, and overall value.

Note: All per-user prices are based on an annual commitment unless otherwise noted.

While all software on our list are solid options, we found Visme to be the best overall presentation software, which also won in both the core features and advanced features categories. Below, check out how each top option fared in terms of pricing, features, and expert score, and learn more about their primary use cases.

Visme Logo

Visme: Best Overall Presentation Software

Offers a wide range of core and advanced features plus pre-built, customizable presentation templates.

Price Range: Free to $24.75+ per user, per month

Visme is presentation software for creating content ranging from slide decks to social media graphics to videos. Its expansive library of templates, multimedia, graphs, and educational resources simplify the design process for you. Visme's Free and Personal plans offer many of the features you'll need to create basic presentations — upgrade to Business or Enterprise for premium features such as collaboration, analytics, and a brand kit for the entire team to use.

While Visme offers robust features and a free plan, all presentations created with the free plan include the Visme logo. For other web-based software options that give a mix of good core features and flexibility plus a solid free plan, check out Google Slides and PowerPoint.

Visme Pricing

Visme Key Features

Visme best presentation software

Prezi: Best for Interactive Presentations

Unique presentation plaform that lets you create engaging, non-linear, zoom-in-and-out presentations.

Price Range: $15 to $59+ per user, per month (14-day free trial)

Prezi is a presentation tool that offers a unique take on presenting via their zoom reveal function in which information is presented in a non-linear way. This allows you to adapt to your audience and "zoom in" to each topic according to the flow of conversation, without having to flip through slides to reveal relevant info. All Business plans come with Prezi Design, Present, and Video so you can create presentations and appear alongside your graphics as you speak.

If creating interactive, visually appealing presentations is important to you but so is free software, check out Visme instead. Its robust template library and ability to add links to slides for an interactive, non-linear presentation make it a good alternative to Prezi's paid annual plan.

Prezi Pricing

Prezi Key Features

Prezi best presentation software

PowerPoint: Best for AI Presentation Coaching

Widely-used presentation software with solid core features plus AI-based slide design and spoken presentation coaching.

Price Range: Free to $159.99 one-time fee (30-day free trial)

PowerPoint is still one of the most widely used presentation software, largely due to its familiarity and easy-to-use features. In 2021, Microsoft revealed the included Speaker Coach feature, which uses AI to listen to your spoken presentation and help you find a good pace and avoid reading your slides or using filler words. PowerPoint comes standard with a Microsoft 365 subscription, or it can be purchased as standalone software or used free on the web.

PowerPoint's AI slide design and speaker coaching are highly useful for sellers that want to get the entire presentation just right, but the software is often criticized for being clunkier than many newer options. To use a more modern tool that also offers AI design, look into Slidebean.

PowerPoint Pricing

PowerPoint Key Features

PowerPoint best presentation software

Google Slides: Best Free, Intuitive Software

Great free option for those looking to create simple presentations and use real-time team collaboration.

Price Range: Free for 1 user

Google Slides is an app within the Google Workspace ecosystem that allows you to create professionally designed presentations and infographics for free. With Slides, you can choose from a range of templates, import video or polls, create GIFs, and easily publish presentations to the web. Because it’s a cloud-based service, you can even collaborate and edit with your team in real time. For these reasons, Google Slides is rated our top free presentation software .

Google Slides is a simple free and collaborative presentation software, but it doesn't come with many templates to start from. For a wide selection of deck templates, check out Zoho Show, which is also free, collaborative, and easy to use.

Google Slides Pricing

Google Slides Key Features

Google Slides best presentation software

Slidebean: Best Software With AI Slide Design

Solid presentation option offering professional-looking deck templates and AI-enabled slide arrangement.

Price Range: Free to $19 per user, per month

Slidebean is an intuitive presentation design platform geared toward startups creating a pitch deck for investors but also useful for established businesses. With its AI-powered editing tool, create an outline and add content, then have the design editor automatically arrange slides for you in various ways until you're happy with the result. Slidebean's user-friendly interface, professional templates, and AI edits help you easily design effective presentations.

Slidebean's AI helps design attractive slides in the best order, but that's the extent of the AI tool. To take this tech a step further, read about PowerPoint , which offers AI design plus AI coaching that will listen to your spoken presentation and help you improve it.

Slidebean Pricing

Slidebean Key Features

Slidebean best presentation software

Zoho Show: Best Software for Large Audiences

Build free presentations with your team, then broadcast the finished product to a large group and keep them engaged.

Zoho Show is free presentation software with intuitive creation and powerful delivery features. Start with their 100+ templates of sales presentations, business proposals, and more, then finish your deck with your team in real time. Export and save the slides to a Zoho CRM contact record or broadcast them in presenter mode so all attendees see the slides and can chat questions while you also see presenter notes and choose certain questions for discussion.

Zoho Show is great if you'd like to create and deliver presentations only on your browser, but it offers no flexibility to work offline. To make and give presentations on your browser or desktop, check out PowerPoint 's free browser version and upgraded app, also offering presenter mode.

Zoho Show Pricing

Zoho show key features.

Zoho Show best presentation software

Bottom Line: Best Presentation Software

When deciding which presentation sales software is right for you and your business, consider your budget, how many users will require access and how many presentations you expect to create, and what kind of experience you want your audience to have. With that information and this list, individuals and sales teams of any size or budget can choose the right platform that allows them to create dynamic, engaging presentations to use for lead nurturing .

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Top 6 Sales Presentation Software to Boost Your Sales Campaign

Maybe you have learnt well of you new products and applications, and been very confident to show the features and benefits of your products to customers and clients. But a persuasive presentation is still so important if you want to boost your sales event. The quality of your sales presentation will often determine whether a prospect buys from you or one of your competitors. If your sales presentation can get a strong interesting style, it will be more compelling to motivate others to make a buying decision. Top 5 sales presentation software presented here will help you make a sales presentation that will attract and motivate your buyers.   > Part 1: Top 6 Sales Presentation Software for Making Interesting and Persuasive Sales Presentations > Part 2: Dynamic and Motivate Sales Presentation Created by Focusky

Part 1: Top 6 Sales Presentation Software for Making Interesting and Persuasive Sales Presentations

1. focusky (strongly recommended).

Focusky is a slide-less and powerful platform that can help you create captivating sales presentations and turn them into conversations. With Focusky sales presentation solution, you will be able to add rich media and animation effect, zoom into details, customize multi-media content on the fly, and more. All of them will live your sales presentation up and enable the presenter to dive into the bullet point

Be Easy to Get the Point

You have to know what your key points are and learn to design a great layout. Focusky lets you discuss with your prospect with media content, like link, video, image, slideshow, shape, graphics and other more. The amazing zoom in/out and transition effect will help to keep the conversation flowing, and make the listener easy to get the point of your sales presentation. Besides, it is also very simple to add and customize unique logo to boost your brand.

Be Animated

Don’t make a boring and unimaginative sales presentation. If you want to motive your buyers and stand out from the rivals, make sure to use the Animation Editor tool of Focusky to create your stylish and dynamic sales presentation. Polish the inserted objects with animation effects including entrance, emphasis, exit, and action paths, will really make you grab more attention.

Start to Create Professional Sales Presentation with Focusky

software to make sales presentations

2. Intuilab

Intuilab is an awesome platform for making, deploying and measuring interactive digital experiences without writing one line of code. It allows you to design gorgeous sales presentation which is accessible to mobile devices. There are no restrictions. Through your creation, you can use your own data, layouts and contents to build your unique video sales presentation.

Top 6 Sales Presentation Software to Boost Your Sales Campaign

Mikogo is an online platform which benefits to designers to create meeting, training and sales platform. There are many sales demos with no download for participants. Everyone can get a free account for business and personal use. Mikogo makes it successful to share on screen. That means you are able to collaborate with one another and view the same information in real-time.

Top 6 Sales Presentation Software to Boost Your Sales Campaign

Showpad is an online sales presentation platform to create amazing buyer experiences. It enables you to create up-to-date content for each unique conversation, and make you easy to deliver it in a beautiful designed, visual sales presentation template to build a perfect experience. With Showpad, you will also have the right to share content and track what prospects view and re-share, so you can learn well customer engagement.

Top 6 Sales Presentation Software to Boost Your Sales Campaign

5. SalesBubby Pro

SalesBubby Pro is kind of interactive sales presentation software that syncs with salesforce content making sales teams more efficient. It is very perfect for companies to deliver compelling and brand consistent sales presentations. The app can run offline, record as you present, and display PDFs, videos, images and more.

Top 6 Sales Presentation Software to Boost Your Sales Campaign

6. Presentia

Presentia is another extraordinary presentation tool that contributes to meet your sales presentation needs. It provides you with a modern way to make high-quality sales presentations, and lets you communicate your message in a more interactive and meaningful way. With the ability to work both on and offline, you will have all presentation content on hand to present on laptop, desktop, iPad or tablet.

Top 6 Sales Presentation Software to Boost Your Sales Campaign

  So, do not complain that so much time has taken to find a presentation creatig website,  take great advance of the 6  prominent trianing presentation making platform to facilate your distinct item. Just have a try, you will be surprised by all your great creation.

Part 2: Dynamic and Motivate Sales Presentation Created by Focusky

software to make sales presentations

Video Tutorial

Get started, create a project, add multi media, publish and share, learn focusky in minutes.

software to make sales presentations

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software to make sales presentations

7 Best Video Presentation Maker for Mac: Make Amazing Video Presentation on Mac Devices

software to make sales presentations

What is the Best Alternative Presentation Software to PowerPoint and Prezi

software to make sales presentations

6 Best Interactive Presentation Software for Mac Presenters

software to make sales presentations

6 online animated presentation creator - distribute your content every where

Try Focusky free and enjoy a brand new experience of presentation

software to make sales presentations

Interactive Sales Presentation Software to Engage with your Audience

gsk logo

Sales Presentation Solutions Give Sales Pitches a Boost

Regardless of what you say, sell or show, it is likely you're not questioning whether digital interactivity should be in your tool belt, it is finding the best way to get there. As design and technology collide, it becomes harder to justify investment in solutions requiring technical expertise and niche training. It doesn't help your business to invest in an interactive experience creation option that depends upon a core team of "experts" to do the work. You need the ease-of-use of a Microsoft PowerPoint and the power of custom programming. Intuiface has sales presentation solutions that anyone can use.

software to make sales presentations

Intuiface is the world's premier sales presentation platform for creating cutting edge, deeply interactive sales pitches your audience won't forget.

Build gorgeous, highly functional pitches for any audience and interact with them using mobile devices and multi-touch displays of any size or orientation. Use your own data and your own content - don’t change a thing. If you can build a slide then you can create fully interactive sales pitches that will thrill your clients and intimidate your competition. Plus, since Intuiface uses HTML5 under the hood, it's future proof!

Next-Generation Software Platform for Delivering On-Premise Interactive Sales Presentations

software to make sales presentations

Dynamic Sales Presentations

Dynamic sales presentations without ever writing a line of code . It's your design, storyboard and layout populated entirely with your own media. Control every pixel using your images, videos, documents, 3D models, websites and more. Optionally incorporate content in real-time - so it's always up-to-the minute - and at all times collect detailed information for offline analysis about most popular products, most discussed services and more.

So when to use it? When you first looked for sales presentation software, you probably thought simply about replacing the boredom of PowerPoint or Prezi. But IntuiFace opens the door as a sales presentation tool, applicable in a variety of contexts. What is in your lobby for visitors? Do you have a briefing center? Host booths at a trade show? Train new hires? A sales pitch presentation can take many forms and formats so don't limit yourself to what you already know. With IntuiFace as your sales presentation software, you can take a fresh perspective on how to tell your company's story.

Create using  Intuiface Composer  on Windows, Deploy and Run using  Intuiface Player  on any tablet or multi-touch display.

Interactive Sales Presentation Software

Features You'll Love

non linear presentations

Non Linear Presentations

use all your media

Use Tablets for Mobility


Use Offline

mobile remote control

Cloud Deployment

share your work

Share Your Work

form factors

Gain insight with Analytics

Queensland Museum

See It In Action

Interactive sales experience, customer case study - Syntegon

Learn from Pre-built Samples

Intuiface Presentation

The Future Of Sales Presentations Is Here. Be Part Of It.

software to make sales presentations

Presentations Keep your audience engaged.

software to make sales presentations

Documents Formalize your branding.

software to make sales presentations

Videos Add movement to your brand.

software to make sales presentations

Infographics Share information visually.

software to make sales presentations

Printables Create content for printing.

software to make sales presentations

Charts and Graphs Bring life to your data.

software to make sales presentations

Social Media Graphics Create scroll-stopping content.

software to make sales presentations

Mockups Create high-quality mockups in seconds.

software to make sales presentations

Branded Templates new Get a bundle of templates that match your brand.



Data Widgets


Presenter Studio

Free Educational Resources See All

software to make sales presentations

Visme Video Tutorials Watch videos on how to use Visme.

software to make sales presentations

Ebooks Read in-depth knowledge for your industry.

software to make sales presentations

Graphic Design Videos Learn design principles & best practices.

software to make sales presentations

Live Webinars Interact with the experts live.

software to make sales presentations

Free Online Courses Get certified with free online courses.

Our Blog See All

Video & Animations

Data Visualization

For Teams All Teams

software to make sales presentations

Agencies & Consulting Manage multiple brands.

software to make sales presentations

Education Use Visme in the classroom.

software to make sales presentations

Nonprofit Bring life to your cause.

software to make sales presentations

Enterprises Create visual content at scale.

software to make sales presentations

Marketers Creative content that shines.

software to make sales presentations

Human Resources Improve internal communication.

software to make sales presentations

Sales Teams Close more deals with your content.

software to make sales presentations

Training Development Create interactive training content.

Templates See All

software to make sales presentations

Presentations 1000+ layouts and themes.

software to make sales presentations

Chart & Maps Get data visualization ideas.

software to make sales presentations

Social Media Graphics Browse templates for every platform.

software to make sales presentations

Infographics Find the right format for your information.

software to make sales presentations

Documents Templates for every business document.

software to make sales presentations

Videos & GIFs Find the perfect preanimated template.

Branded Templates Get a bundle of templates that match your brand.

Website Graphics

Survey Results

15 Best Presentation Software for 2023 (Full Comparison Guide)

15 Best Presentation Software for 2023 (Full Comparison Guide)

Written by: Orana Velarde

best presentation software - header wide

Looking to create a stunning presentation that keeps your audience engaged? You need a high-quality presentation software to take your slides to the next level. Some of the best presentation software include Visme, Haiku Deck, Prezi, Microsoft Powerpoint, Canva and Google Slides .

In this comparison guide, we’ll analyze each of these tools and many more to understand what the difference is between them so you can  choose the best presentation maker for your business.

So, if you want to stand out from run-of-the-mill PowerPoint presentations and have a reliable presentation software that will help you collaborate with team members and design stunning slide decks in a fraction of the time, you’ll need this guide. 

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

What is Presentation Tools

Presentation tools are software applications that enable users to visually present ideas or share knowledge. These presentations are delivered in a slide-show format using a combination of text, images and other graphic elements.

Presentation software is frequently used to pitch an idea to investors , present proposals to clients , introduce new products or services to customers, train staff on new policies or ideas , or teach your students new or complex concepts.

Best Presentation Software: A Visual Comparison

When choosing the right presentation software for your projects, there are some things to consider:

We'll take a look at all these aspects in the following list of best presentation software so you can make your own well-informed decision.

Last updated on October 27, 2022.

Best Presentation Software Visme

Visme is one of the most complete presentation software available online.

Making professional presentations is easy and straightforward. Pretty much everything can be customized or moved around. That's not all that Visme can do, though.

Best Presentation Visme

You can also use Visme to create other visual content, such as infographics, reports and interactive charts. There are tons of customizable templates that come built-in with the software.

Visme can be used for free to test it out for as long as you want. With a free account, you can create up to three projects.

To access all of Visme's capabilities, you can upgrade to one of the paid plans .

If you're a nonprofit organization, you may qualify for a discount. Visme also offers separate Education plans for students and teachers.

Ease of Use

Visme is quite easy to use. Switching from slide to slide is a breeze, and you can even save a slide in the slide library to reuse later.

The editor comes with a handy sidebar that lets you browse graphics and data tools and drag and drop relevant ones onto your slides. You can also use the search bar to quickly find what you need. The dynamic fields feature ensures you don’t miss out on any critical information. With single click, you can easily update content throughout your presentation.

software to make sales presentations

Who Is It For

Visme is perfect for small and large businesses, marketers, project managers, educators, content creators and so much more.

Template Options

The template options in Visme are extensive and varied in style. From minimalistic to photographic, there are many presentation styles to pick from.

Presentation Templates

software to make sales presentations

Ecommerce Webinar Presentation

software to make sales presentations

Buyer Presentation

software to make sales presentations

PixelGo Marketing Plan Presentation

software to make sales presentations

Product Training Interactive Presentation

software to make sales presentations

Company Ethics Presentation

software to make sales presentations

Work+Biz Pitch Deck - Presentation

Create your presentation View more templates

You can choose from dozens of fully designed presentations tailor-made for specific industries and topics, or mix-and-match hundreds of slide layouts by choosing a presentation theme.

You can also start with a blank canvas, add new blank slides to existing presentation templates, and save custom slides to use later as your own templates.

Graphic Assets Library

When selecting the best tools for presentations, the visual capabilities and creative design elements should be a top consideration. Visme’s graphic library includes thousands of free icons, illustrations, stock photos, videos , 3D graphics , audio clips, charts and graphs to include in your presentations.

Best Presentation Software Visme

The best part is that every graphic asset that comes built-in with the Visme editor is fully customizable. Resize, rotate or change colors to fit your brand, content and theme.

Videos and GIFs

It's easy to insert or embed videos and GIFs inside a Visme presentation. Browse a selection of animated illustrations and characters to make your presentations engaging.

Adding audio to a presentation is easy on Visme. Either along with a video or as the audio on its own. You can also record a voice over.

Another great option is accessing our Presenter Studio to record a video of yourself presenting your content. You can turn on your camera or record audio only before sending a link to your audience. This is a great way to present asynchronously or save your presentation for people to view again and again.

Embed Third-Party Content

There is more content that can be embedded into Visme presentations, like polls, quizzes , forms and any content that can be turned into code to insert in an iframe.

You can also take advantage of several integrations to embed even more engaging and interactive content into your slides.

Animations and Transitions

With Visme, you can animate your content and create interactive experiences such as:

Features inside Visme presentations can be animated, and we also have a number of seamless slide transitions that make your content pop, like "Enter from Side" or "Staggered Fade."

Best Presentation Software Visme

If you want to make your content even more dynamic, you can access our Custom Animation feature. This is perfect for creating video presentations or making your elements look like they're floating on your slide.

Desktop or Cloud

Visme is an online cloud-based app that can be easily used on your computer. We also provide a desktop app that you can download and use outside of your regular browser for seamless content creation.

And if you need to create content on-the-go? You can easily edit existing projects right from your mobile device or tablet!

Visme offers a wide selection of data widgets that allow you to creatively visualize statistics and figures in the form of gauges, clocks, pictographs and icon arrays.

Available data widgets in Visme's editor.

Offline Viewing

Finished presentations can be viewed offline in four different formats.

The best option is to download it as an HTML5 file. That way it will maintain all the animations when opened on Google Chrome, even without internet. Downloading as an HTML 5 file is a premium feature. Presentations can also be downloaded as a collection of JPG or PNG images, as a PDF or as an editable PowerPoint file.

Create a stunning presentation in less time

Sign up. It’s free.

software to make sales presentations

Collaboration Possibilities

Visme has a premium teams plan that lets all team members customize and complete projects together. Leave comments with edits and feedback, edit projects simultaneously and easily share with other people on your team to move the project along.

Branding Capabilities

Visme's brand design tool makes it easy to keep all of your content on-brand regardless of who's creating it. It works in three easy steps:

Then boom! All of your content will always have the same branding, helping increase brand strength and recognition.

Share to Social Media

Once a presentation is finished, it can be shared to social media seamlessly right from the editor. It can also be downloaded.

Best Presentation Software Visme

Privacy and Password Protection

Presentations on Visme can be published privately with password protection so that only the people you want can access it. It is advisable to only use strong passwords for this purpose. There are a few free password managers that could help you do that and keep your account secure .

Visme’s analytics is what makes it stand out as the best tool for presentation. When a presentation is shared via a live link, it can be analyzed for views and sharing.

Visme Analytics Tool

Access in-depth analytics that show you how much of your presentation is typically viewed, for how long and which slides seem to be the most popular.

Lead Generation

You can add a signup form to your presentations to collect leads that could potentially become clients. Simply head over to our  Advanced Settings tab before sharing your project and turn on  Requires Registration to collect emails from each person who views your content.

Best Presentation Software Prezi

Prezi offers a great alternative to the traditional presentation format that goes slide by slide. The creative idea behind Prezi is you can create an animated, non-sequential flow with topics and subtopics that are hidden until you zoom in.

While Prezi's interface can be slightly complicated to use, it's a good option for people who need to add a creative touch to their presentations.

Prezi is free for basic capabilities and limited templates.

For the paid plans, there are three tiers.

There are separate plans available for students and teachers.

Prezi has a slight learning curve, but once you create a couple of presentations, you get the hang of it. However, it doesn't offer too much customizability inside the templates.

Best Presentation Software Prezi

Businesses and educators who are in need of a different style of presentation. Prezi offers a “conversational style” of zooming and moving around between information. So, who Prezi is for really depends on who needs this sort of presentation style.

There are plenty of templates to choose from, and you can also start from scratch. The templates are different in color and style, but the idea of zooming into topics and subtopics is the same.

Prezi's templates.

The assets library has some icons and shapes available, the usual ones like arrows and buttons. Premium plans get access to over 80,000 icons and 500,000 images.

Videos can be uploaded or embedded from YouTube. Embedded videos are not viewable in offline mode. GIFs aren’t supported.

Voice over can be added in premium plans.

No other content can be embedded into Prezi presentations.

Prezi is all about animations between topics and subtopics. The presentations themselves are viewed as animations.

Best Presentation Tools Prezi

Prezi is a cloud app but can be accessed to view offline with premium plans.

Available to Create on Multiple Devices

Prezi presentations can only be created on a computer but can be viewed on all devices.

Prezi for teams is available upon demand and has a Slack integration.

Brand Kits are only available with Prezi's team plans, but each presentation can be customized to fit your brand with color customizations and some available fonts.

Prezi presentations can be shared to social media via a special share button at the top-right of the Prezi page. They can be shared to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Prezi sharing capabilities.

Prezi presentations can only be downloaded from the Prezi app. There are two options, as an EXE file for PC and a ZIP file for Mac. Presentations can then be viewed without internet connection or the need to connect to the Prezi app.

Presentations are public unless you have a paid account.

Analytics are available with premium accounts but it only applies to Prezi presentations you share via a link to someone.

There are no lead generation capabilities with Prezi.

3 Google Slides

Best Presentation Software Google Slides

Google Slides is the presentation software available via your Google account. Just like you can create documents and spreadsheets with Google Docs and Sheets, you can create presentations with Google Slides.

The Google Slides interface.

The setup is very similar to PowerPoint and is free to use for anyone with a google account. There is a business version called G Suite, which includes the same things with more storage and management capabilities.

Google Slides is free to use for anyone with a Google account. All features are available to everyone.

There are plans for business accounts so that teams can be created and information can be managed in a more organized way. Plans start at $6/user/month and go up to $18/user/month.

Compared to other examples of presentation software, Google Slides is very easy to use. The controls are very similar to Google Docs and Sheets.

Editing a presentation in Google Slides.

Business professionals, educators and students who need fast and easy access to a presentation software that can get things done.

There is a general collection of templates, but there are not very many. Presentations can also be started from scratch.

best tools for presentations

The graphic assets are average and simple. The shapes are classic and generic. Photographs can be uploaded from your desktop, your Google Drive, a URL or searched online.

best presentation software - google slides shapes

Videos can uploaded with a YouTube link or from Google Drive. GIFs can be added just like images.

Audio and Embed Third-Party Content

Anything from your Google Drive can be added in. Also there are some available “add-ons” that can be integrated for icons, stock photography and audio.

best tools for presentations

Elements inside each slide can be animated and so can the transition between the slides.

example of presentation software

Google Slides is a cloud-based program.

Google Slides can be used fully on any device with their respective apps for Android and iPhone. Presentations can be edited and viewed on all devices.

Collaborating with other people is easy with Google Slides

There is no brand kit feature.

Presentations can be shared via email or link.

Sharing in Google Slides.

Google Slides can be viewed offline with a Chrome Extension and the use of Backup and Sync.

Presentations can be shared privately, but there are no password capabilities, only invitations.

Analytics and Lead Generation

These features are not available.

best presentation software - keynote homepage

Keynote is the native Apple presentation software — one of the original PowerPoint Alternatives. Anyone with an Apple ID can use the Keynote editor. It is the most similar to PowerPoint and also Google Slides.

Keynote is free for downloading and also accessing via the cloud with an apple ID.

If you know how to use PowerPoint or Google Slides, Keynote is a breeze. This feature makes it stand out as one of the best tools for presentation.

The Keynote interface.

Keynote is good for businesses, educators and anyone who needs a practical presentation software.

The templates are limited but come in standard or wide sizes. Templates can also be found outside of Keynote and uploaded into the program.

Templates or themes in Keynote.

There are plenty of classic symbols and icons available which are also customizable in terms of color and gradient. Images can only be added from your computer.

best tools for presentations

Videos are not embeddable in Keynote slides but that is sorted with a plug-in like LiveSlides. GIFs can be added as .gif images.

You can upload existing audio files in Keynote to play on specific slides. There's also an option to record your own voiceover to create a narrated presentation.

Including these is not available

Slides and objects can be animated in a number of ways, including path creation, scaling, bounce or jiggle effects, and more.

best tools for presentations Keynote

Keynote is available on both desktop and cloud.

You can create keynote presentations on any apple device and PC.

Keynote presentations can be downloaded as .pdf or as .pptx to view offline.

Keynote presentations can be collaborated on via a link or email with permission settings set to “can make changes”.

Collaboration features in Keynote.

Brand Kit, Share to Social Media, Analytics and Lead Generation

None of these are available on Keynote.

Presentations are private until shared and there is no password protection capabilities.

5 Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint templates.

This list wouldn't have been complete without the most popular presentation software in the world. Even though there are tons of more advanced presentation tools out there now, PowerPoint is still a favorite of many because of its familiarity, ease of use and availability.

The desktop-based PowerPoint program is part of Microsoft 365, which has different plans for businesses that start from $6/month and go up to $22/month.

You can download PowerPoint online for free on any device, including on mobile.

Most, if not every, computer user knows how to work a PowerPoint. The traditional sidebar interface is easy to use simply because it's familiar. But for people who are using PowerPoint for the first time, there might be a slight learning curve.

Creating a presentation in PowerPoint.

Businesses, individuals, students, teachers and anyone who uses a Windows PC or device. PowerPoint is also a good fit for people who want to create simple, conventional presentations, and aren't looking for fancy new features or capabilities.

There are dozens of themes that come built-in with PowerPoint, and there are all customizable so you can play around with the styles.

You can browse stock images, icons, stickers and more by searching for relevant keywords in PowerPoint's graphic library.

best presentation software - powerpoint graphic library

Videos and GIFs can be uploaded from your computer. You can also embed videos from YouTube and other online sources. However, this feature is only available to Windows users.

You can upload audio files from your computer. You can also record audio directly inside PowerPoint, and edit the settings for playback.

You can embed files created in other Microsoft Office applications, such as charts created in Excel, or any other programs that support Object Linking and Embedding (OLE.)

There are tons of animation and transition options available in PowerPoint, which can actually get confusing at times. However, if you know your way around these options, it gets easier to create a professional-looking slideshow.

There are both desktop and cloud versions of PowerPoint available.

You can download the PowerPoint mobile apps on both Android and iOS devices.

It's possible to share your presentation with specific people.

Sharing a PowerPoint presentation.

Brand kits are not available, but you can save custom themes.

Presentations cannot be shared to social media.

You can download your PowerPoint presentations in various formats, including PPTX and PDF. This makes it easy to access them on any device offline.

You can mark your presentations as read-only to prevent users from editing the file.

This feature is not available in PowerPoint.

The Ludus home page.

Ludus is one of the best-looking presentation tools available online. The main attractions with Ludus are the clean black screen to edit on and the amount of integrations that give importing capabilities for all sorts of content. From photography, to .svg to code builds.

Ludus starts at $14.99/month for teams of 1-15 people. Team that need more licenses are encouraged to contact for more pricing information. Ludus does offer a 30-day free trial.

Ludus is quite easy to use and includes lots of keyboard shortcuts. It is easy to learn how to use and pretty straightforward. It seems to be easier for designers than for non-designers to use.

The Ludus interface.

This presentation software is geared more towards designers or business owners who have some design knowledge to totally be able to use the broad capabilities.

There are no templates to choose from. You have to start from scratch or use smart blocks that you can create to use over and over easily. Smart blocks are kept in their own library.

Ludus has minimal in-house graphic assets like simple shapes, but the integrations are epic. You can import .svg icons and edit them inside Ludus quite easily. Photos can also be imported via Unsplash, Instagram, Facebook or uploaded.

Uploading graphics to Ludus.

Videos and GIFs are easily imported via the integrations like YouTube, Vimeo, Giphy and more.

Uploading videos to Ludus.

Audio can be embedded as an audio file from SoundCloud, Dropbox and other integrations.

You can pretty much embed anything into Ludus. The integrations are impressive and there are also iframe and HTML options.

Embedding third-party content with Ludus.

Internal elements can’t be animated but there are so many integrations that animations can be done in different ways.

Ludus is a cloud-based app. No need to download anything.

Presentations can only be edited on computers. Finished presentations can be viewed on all handheld devices that have access to the internet via a URL link.

Collaborations are possible with the team plans. This includes live collaboration, workspaces and more.

With collaborations, smart blocks and the Brandfetch integration, a brand kit can be organized quite easily. But it’s not an internal feature.

How to set up a brand kit in Ludus.

Finished presentations can be easily shared to social media straight from Ludus.

Sharing a presentation in Ludus.

Ludus presentations can be downloaded as .pdf or .html to be viewed offline.

Pro Plans have password protection.

There are no analytics or lead generation capabilities available in Ludus.

The Slides home page.

Slides is the only presentation software which promotes itself as being “pixel perfect” as the editor includes a built-in grid to help with composition. Slides has a lower cost at the highest price tag which is good for smaller businesses.

Slides is free to use, but finished presentations will be public and available to see and copy in the Browse / Explore tab.

The paid plans start at $5/month and go up to $20/month for features like unlimited collaborators, privacy, shared media library and Google Analytics.

Slides is very easy to use, the editing board is minimal but all tools are at easy reach. No need to get confused with Slides. There are no templates so presentations are built from scratch.

The Slides interface.

Small business owners or startups. Individuals that know what they want and don’t need templates to help them along. Also for developers because it has HTML and CSS building capabilities.

Slides has a very limited template library with just a handful of different options to choose from.

The available shapes and icons are common and minimal. Photos have to be uploaded or imported from a URL.

slides presentation software presentation tool graphic assets

Videos and GIFs are easy to add. Videos can be uploaded or linked and GIFs can be uploaded as .gif or .mp4 as video.

Including audio is not possible with Slides.

Anything with code can be added in an iframe.

Embedding third-party content with Slides.

All elements and features can be animated to fade in, fade out etc. Length of duration can be customized.

best presentation software - slides animation

Slides is a cloud-based presentation software that can only be used online.

Slides can be used on the computer and handheld devices. To edit and to view.

Paid plans have very capable collaboration possibilities. Users can leave comments with feedback for the creator to review and make edits.

slides presentation software presentation tool collaboration tools

There is no set section for a brand kit but branded decks can be created and then cloned to use as a template.

Yes, quite easily.

slides presentation software presentation tool share to social media

A Slides presentations can be downloaded as a ZIP file with an .html file inside that can be viewed offline on any browser.

Privacy and Analytics

Possible with paid plans.

This is not possible on Slides.

8 Slidebean

Best Presentation Software Slidebean

Slidebean is an easy-to-use presentation software with interesting templates and customizable content blocks.

The highlight of this presentation software is that it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you put together the best possible slide layouts and configurations. They also have a team of experts that can both write and design your pitch deck for you if you don't want to take the DIY route.

The free plan has limited capabilities but it's enough to see how Slidebean works. To export your presentation, you'll need to upgrade.

There are three price levels from $8/month to $19/month to $149/month. The last one is the Founder's Edition plan, which includes help from the experts on your presentations.

If you choose to get their help on your presentation design, it starts at $29 per slide or $1,999 for the full project.

Slidebean is quite easy to use. You can choose between templates or start from scratch. Adding content is simple and to the point from a popup.

Editing can be done in outline or design mode. The editing is limited to how the content blocks are set up, but there are lots of choices. There's no free size changing or moving around.

Best Presentation Software Slidebean

Startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

There are plenty of template options. They are organized in sections and niche. The template collection has presentations by known brands like Snapchat and Buzzfeed.

Best Presentation Software Slidebean

There are plenty of icons and images to choose from. However, there are no shapes, but icons can be used as shapes.

best presentation software - slidebean icons

GIFs can be added via the Giphy integration in a content block. Video can be added in the paid plans.

There are no audio capabilities.

The code snippet content block has lots of options so a lot of different kinds of third-party content can be added in.

best presentation software - slidebean code

Content blocks and their elements can be animated with a couple features.

Slidebean is an online program on the cloud.

It can be used to edit or view on any device.

Collaboration is possible in the paid plans.

This feature is available in the paid plans.

Sharing to Social Media

Best presentation Software slide bean

Slidebean presentations can be exported to download as both .pdf and .html files to view offline.

This feature is not available.

Analytics are available in the paid plans.

9 Zoho Show

Best Presentation Software Show

Zoho Show is a presentation software that mimics Microsoft PowerPoint in the way it is set up, with a menu up top for all the actions. However, Zoho's version is much nicer and polished.

Zoho is a complete CRM for businesses and the company offers different types of apps for teams and office use — Zoho Show is only one of their programs.

Creating a presentation with Zoho Show is free for up to 5 users. For more professional features and storage, paid plans start from $3/user/month, paid annually.

Zoho Show is pretty easy to use. The content blocks can be chosen as themes but they can also be moved around freely and resized. The presentation can be viewed in three ways, with a handy grid view to see all slides next to each other.

Best Presentation Software Show

Businesses, entrepreneurs, educators and students. Anyone who needs to make a presentation.

There aren’t exactly templates, but there are themes. These do not come with images or lorem ipsum but are more like visual canvases that can be customized in terms of color, layout and more.

Best Presentation Software Show

The shapes are pretty good, there are quite a bit to choose from. An added bonus is the possibility to draw shapes or scribble anything yourself with the trackpad.

best presentation software - zoho show graphic library shapes

Videos can be added via the YouTube integration and GIFs can be added as an image.

Audio can be added via Soundcloud with an embed code.

There are a number of sites that are supported via Embed codes but not that many. Zoho Show says that you can ask your needs to be added in the permitted list.

All elements and transitions can be animated.

Best Presentation Software Show

Zoho Show is a cloud bases program and can be broadcast from anywhere and on any device. The live broadcast includes a chat window and the audience can download the presentation if they want to.

You can only create presentations on a computer.

Teams can easily use Zoho Show, even in the free version.

Custom branding is only available in the highest paid plan.

Sharing to social media is not possible unless downloaded as a PDF file and then uploaded to something like SlideShare.

Best Presentation Software Show

Presentations can be downloaded as .pptx or .pdf files for offline viewing.

Yes, this is possible on all plans.

Analytics are possible on the paid plans.

zoho show presentation software presentation tool sales dashboard


Best Presentation Software is a presentation software that helps you create great-looking slides with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This means that your presentation will look professional every single time, regardless of who designs it. currently offers a Pro plan at $12/month and a Team plan at $40/month, both billed annually. They offer a 14-day free trial to test out their tool.

This is probably the best thing about — it's incredibly simple to use. All you need to do is add smart slides, plug in your content, and choose from different preset layouts.

Of course, that also means that you have limited customization options. But if you're looking for a simple solution and you don't trust your design skills, this may be a good option for you.

Best Presentation Software is a great tool for absolute beginners and non-designers who are looking for a no-nonsense presentation software.

For example, startups and entrepreneurs can use this software to create a nice-looking pitch deck or proposal quickly without any design help.

There are a handful of slide themes available, but they're mostly basic in terms of design. You can play around with the layouts inside each theme to put together a unique presentation.

Best Presentation Software

The graphic assets library comes with a bunch of free stock photos and icons to choose from, but the options are pretty limited.

Videos and GIFs can be uploaded from your computer. You can also import videos from YouTube and Vimeo to embed in your slides.

Audio can be uploaded from your computer.

It's not possible to embed third-party content into presentations. However, you can add interactive links to your slides.

Each slide comes with a preset animation style that you're unable to customize. However, you can change the speed, timing and triggers for the animations. is a cloud-based application.

The software only works on your desktop computer.

You can invite people to collaborate on your presentation by either giving them "view" or "edit" access. Collaborators must have a account to view or edit the presentation.

While there's no brand kit feature available, you can customize a theme (colors and fonts) and save it to your library to use in future presentations.

There are several options to share your presentations. Send an email invite, share a public or private link, generate an embed code or share directly to social media.

Best Presentation Software

You can export your presentations to PDF or PowerPoint to view offline.

There is no password protection, but you can use the Secure Viewing option to only share your presentation with other users via an email invite.

This feature is only available in the paid plans. You can access a number of viewing and usage statistics for your presentations.

This feature is not available in

11 Genially

A screenshot of Genially's website.

The main idea behind the Genially presentation software is interactivity.

This program is good not only for presentations and video presentations, but also for other visual graphics. It’s great for adding a modern, interactive feel to your presentations.

There is a free plan in Genially, which gives you unlimited creations but limited resources.

There are two types of paid plans; education and business. The education plans start at $1.25/month and go up to $20.82/month, billed annually. The professional plans start at $7.49/month and go up to $79.15/month, billed annually. You can also ask for custom plans by reaching out.

Genially is easy to use if you are accustomed to programs with lots of choices. There is a lot that can be done with the features in Genially.

Any change can be applied to all slides with a single click of the button in the menu. When editing, there is a "design view" and a "layers view."

A screenshot of the Genially interface.

Professionals and educators of any field who can benefit from interactive presentations.

There are plenty of template options. Some are free and some are only available via the premium plans. Presentation templates are also available as "video presentations."

A screenshot of Genially's templates.

The graphic assets in Genially are quite varied; there is plenty to choose from. Images can be uploaded or found on the Pixabay integration.

A screenshot of graphic assets available in Genially.

Videos can be added via a YouTube link and GIFs can be imported with the Giphy integration.

Audio can be uploaded from your computer, added via SoundCloud and a couple of other integrations, or recorded directly in Genially.

Third-party content can be added to your presentations with Genially integrations. For example, you can add an interactive map via Google Maps.

A screenshot of third-party embed options in Genially.

All elements can be animated, as can the transitions between slides. Animation effects are quite extensive. There is a similar tab called “interactivity,” which are pop-ups and hyperlinks supplied with lots of button choices.

A screenshot of animation capabilities in Genially.

Genially is a cloud-based presentation program.

This program is only available to edit on computers but can be viewed on any device.

It seems that a professional plan allows 5 team members, but the pricing plan shows that all plans have collaborative capabilities. Collaborators can be added in the dashboard where  all creations are stored.

Brand kits are available in the premium plans. It is an internal feature with easy access.

Finished presentations can be shared to social media.

A screenshot showing how to share presentations in Genially.

Finished presentations can be downloaded as a set of .jpg images, as a .pdf or as an .html5 file which will keep all animations.

Premium plans have these features.

This is not available in Genially.

Last updated on February 4, 2022.

Best Presentation Software Canva

Canva is not only a presentation software but also a full editing program for all visual needs. Presentation creation is only one of the possibilities with Canva. It has become a favorite with bloggers and home-based businesses.

The free version of Canva is pretty extensive.

The only restrictions are the use of premium resources that can be either bought separately or through the Canva Pro plan. Canva Pro is charged at $12.99/month or $119.99/year.

Canva is easy to use as all elements are easy to find and are mostly customizable. Presentations are viewed scrolling; there is no master view and you can’t change something on all slides at once.

Bloggers, small home-based businesses and startups

There are lots of customizable template options, and each slide inside the templates can be used individually.

Best Presentation Software Canva

There are plenty of options in the graphic assets library, including shapes, icons, photos, frames and stickers. Some are free, while others are paid.

Best Presentation Software Canva

Videos and GIFs can be uploaded to Canva.

You can add music to your presentations using the available options inside Canva.

Canva offers dozens of integrations and media embed options, including YouTube, Google Maps, Vimeo, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and more.

There are several animation options that apply to entire slides inside Canva. You can also add animated stickers to your slides.

Canva is a cloud-based app. Presentations can be seen on any device.

Canva is available as an iPhone app and an android app for editing capabilities.

Presentations can be shared for editing with team members.

Best Presentation Software Canva

Canva Pro has a brand kit feature.

Best Presentation Software Canva

Presentations can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Best Presentation Software Canva

Presentations can be downloaded as a group of .png or .jpg images or as a .pdf. You can also download it as an MP4 video for offline viewing.

All designs on Canva are private unless they are made public or shared via a link. There is no password protected sharing though.

These features are not available in Canva.

13  FlowVella

Best Presentation Software Flowvellla

FlowVella is a downloadable presentation software that can be used offline. The main attraction of FlowVella is the Kiosk Mode, in which you can create interactive presentations like the ones used in museums or information counters at malls or hotels.

FlowVella is free to try out. You can use it free forever but the options are limited and the finished presentations has a watermark.

FlowVella is pretty easy to use, and the controls are straightforward and uncomplicated.

Best Presentation Software Flowvellla

This presentation software is for professionals and educators that need to be able to create presentations offline. Also for those who can take advantage of the Kiosk Mode.

The template options are quite varied and well designed.

Best Presentation Software Flowvellla

The graphic assets library is very limited. Photographs and images need to be uploaded from your computer.

Videos can be uploaded or found via YouTube, iCloud and Dropbox integrations when online. GIFs can be added as images.

best presentation software - flowvella video

Audio can be uploaded from your computer, or added via iCloud or Dropbox.

You can add PDF files.

Only the transitions are animated minimally.

This is a desktop-based application. It must be downloaded.

There are iPad and device apps available for editing on those devices as well.

Paid premium plans can work with teams.

Brand kits are not available.

Presentations can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Since this is a desktop application, offline viewing is not a complication.

These features are available in the paid plans. Analytics can be viewed once the presentation has been published online.

best presentation software - flowvella analytics

This feature is not available on FlowVella.

14  Haiku Deck

Last updated on October 8, 2020.


Haiku Deck is a presentation software that is straightforward with a simple interface that makes quick and practical presentations. Presentations can be created on the computer and on mobile devices.

Haiku Deck can be tried for free with one available presentation. The Public plan is USD 7.99 a month, Pro plans are USD 9.99 a month billed annually and USD 19.99 billed monthly, and Premium plans are USD 29.99 a month.

Haiku Deck is quite easy to use and menus are easy to follow. There are word size limiters and specific text placement choices for each slide. Charts are simple to create and can be customized. The editor can be connected via cloud to all devices. The new addition, Zuru, is an Artificial Intelligence system that creates creative presentations from simple PowerPoint files or outlines.


The Haiku Deck presentation software is geared mostly at educators and classrooms. Businesses and bloggers can also use it for practical purposes.

Templates on Haiku Deck are more like an inspiring collection of photographs for a specific niche with some suggestions on where to place the text and what charts to include.


The available graphic assets library in Haiku Deck are millions of photographs, numerous font choices and charts and graphs.


YouTube videos can be embedded easily in a Haiku Deck. GIFs cannot be added to Haiku Decks but a finished presentation can be turned into a video or into a GIF.

Narrations and voice overs are easily recorded on a presentation in Haiku Deck.

Only videos can be embedded.

Features can't be animated in Haiku Deck

Desktop or Cloud / Available to Create on Multiple Devices

Haiku Deck is a cloud-based app that is available for editing and viewing on your laptop and also as an app on phones and tablets.


Haiku decks can be downloaded as .pptx files for offline viewing.

Presentations can be easily shared to social media from the editor.


Haiku Deck offers team possibilities upon request.

There is no brand kit, but you can add your logo to the finished product.

Pro and Premium plans have private and password-protected capabilities


Premium plans have analytics for who has viewed your presentations.

Emails cannot be captured with Haiku Deck but slides and presentations can be sent with invitations to your existing email contacts.

15  Microsoft Sway

best presentation software - sway

Microsoft has its own alternative to PowerPoint — Sway.

This online presentation software is completely different from PowerPoint and introduces a new concept of building "Sways" instead of "presentations."

Sway is free to use for anyone who has a Microsoft account.

It's super easy to use Sway and kind of fun too. It has a non-traditional storyline editor, which lets you add "blocks" of content that the software configures into layouts.

best presentation software - sway storyline editor

Sway is mostly for people who don't want to spend too much time designing a complex presentation. For example, students and nonprofit organizations.

There are several templates for different purposes, such as photo slideshows, sales trainings and even personal portfolios.

You can upload your own media or search from various sources inside Sway, including Flickr and Bing Images. There are no shapes and icons included.

best presentation software - sway graphic library

You can upload videos from your device or embed from YouTube.

You can add audio to Sway by uploading or dragging and dropping the audio file onto your storyline from your computer.

You can embed images, videos, maps and other content from tons of websites, including Google Maps, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Sway automatically adds animations to your slides. You cannot change or customize them; you can only increase or decrease the level of animation added to your Sway.

Sway is an online, cloud-based software.

Sway works on any device with an internet browser.

You can invite people to view or edit your Sway presentation.

Sway presentations can be shared directly to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You can download your Sway as a Word or PDF file to view offline.

There is no password protection available, but you can choose to share your Sway with specific people, anyone with a link or only people in your organization who have a link.

You can view reader statistics for your Sway if you have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

This feature is not available in Microsoft Sway.

Looking for a Presentation Software?

The best presentation software for you depends on your budget, needs and number of users. If you're looking for an easy-to-use presentation maker that also comes with unique features that you won't find in most other tools, Visme might be a great option.

You can look for the right pricing plan for your needs and even apply for a discount if you're a nonprofit organization. And if you just want to try out Visme to see if it's a good fit, sign up for a free account and use it for as long as you like — no strings attached.

Which of these best presentation software options fits your needs? If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you below.

Create beautiful presentations faster with Visme.

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Nothing lets you demonstrate your expertise, quantify value, and create urgency like a well-crafted presentation. Enable the Fullscreen feature on our sales presentation platform, so your presentation is ad and distraction-free and the design is consistent with your branding. Since your presentation can be updated and edited at any time, this important sales and marketing asset is truly evergreen. 

Interactive PDFs

Our sales presentation solution is designed to create opportunities for readers to engage with your brand by crafting multimedia experiences out of traditionally flat forms of content. Links and multimedia content do more than make the PDF interesting, they help potential customers connect with your brand and help you generate qualified leads by linking to signup forms and gated content.

Investor prospectus

Create a presentation that will motivate a VC, angel investor, or private equity decision maker to want to be a part of your brand. An investor prospectus may be one of the most important publications your brand ever creates, and we have the tools to help you craft it effectively by making it interactive and visually appealing.

Creating a report with our sales presentation software gives your communication a facelift. Convey goals, annual growth, financial statements, and operational statistics to your investors and stakeholders with presentations that will capture their attention and illustrate important data through interactive elements and visuals.

Our sales presentation solution gives you the ability to draft and publish a booklet that gives you plenty of room to cover your bases while remaining succinct and to the point. Your flippable booklet can be read like an eBook, so it is viewable on any device and can even be embedded directly onto your website with ease. We make it simple to highlight key features with stunning imagery and interactive explainer videos and infographics.

Give your static presentations new life

Curating an exciting and effective presentation is as simple as uploading a PDF to our sales presentation platform! Add elements to your presentations that create personality and tell a story with an upward trajectory of enthusiasm. All your existing visual and creative assets can be reused in new and interesting ways to avoid redundancy. Change backgrounds, add new visuals, or even update and edit in real-time. Everything you need is built-in and ready to go.

upload PDF from Google Drive, Drop Box and more to convert content

Close the deal with shoppable links

Our sales presentation software is an extension of your existing sales funnel. Once you present your product or service to the reader, don’t leave it to chance that they will circle back to make a purchase later on. Shoppable links are easily embedded so you can direct traffic to your website or e-commerce store. You not only increase your visibility and brand awareness, you amplify your accessibility making our sales solutions a direct-to-consumer “must-have.”

Graphical user interface, Adding clickable links and video into content

Simple sharing to tailored audiences

No matter what industry or corporate ecosystem you operate in, time is a very valuable resource. Our all-in-one sales presentation solution allows you to get the most crucial information to decision-makers quickly and effectively and cross channels with ease without the need to reformat. You can make your presentation public or only share it with a select few. No matter who is reading it, your presentation will be mobile-friendly and viewable on any device.

upload a PDF file to transform in Issuu

"We wanted to repurpose NAACP content – not just The Crisis – to wider audiences. We embed videos to make content exciting, promote on social media, embed the digital magazine on our website."

Lottie Joiner , Editor-in-Chief at the NAACP’s The Crisis Magazine

Miry Whitehill, founder Miry’s List, woman with gray blouse and short blonde hair, smiling

“Issuu is amazing because it is really easy to read our annual report online, as if you're physically holding it. If you put your heart and soul into your work, you want it to be read.”

Miry Whitehill , founder of Miry’s List

Dr. Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni, Author, Professor and Media Expert, person with mustache, speaking at podium

“Issuu makes you look like an expert. Take your magazine or content and create an article, or a social story, and link back to your website. It’s content marketing in a box!”

Dr. Samir “ Mr. Magazine ” Husni, Author, Professor and Media Expert

Tina Meldahl taking a mirror selfie with mobile phone

"To us as an advertising agency, Issuu is extremely valuable in order to be able to offer our customers their publications in an easy-to-use digital solution."

Tina Meldahl, Graphic / UX-designer at Kurér Grafisk

Headshot of Lucas di Rocco.

“No one compares to Issuu. During the pandemic, digital media is king, and we found great engagement with our Issuu publications across our web, social, and email campaigns.”

Lucas Di Rocco, Corporate Communications Coordinator at Advocis

Headshot for Jessica Way, Editor-in-Chief, British Travel Journal and Project Manager, Contista Media

From easily embedding magazines online to sharing our content across social media, its helped us reach wider audiences, drive user engagement, and stay ahead of the digital curve.

Jessica Way, British Travel Journal and Project Manager,  Contista Media .

Headshot of Andreas KornHofer

“Issuu enables us to share The Red Bulletin magazine by using Stories on our site & social capture new audiences and increase distribution in an exciting and interesting way.”

Andreas Kornhofer, General Manager at Red Bull Media House Publishing

Art director headshot, medium blonde hair with blue shirt, white background, next to plant.

"We’ve used Issuu for years – but in 2020 it was the foundation for our brochure strategy. It enabled us to personalize content, track the response & display our beautiful travel magazines."

Bunty Partridge, Art Director at Contiki

Salespeople: FAQs

Assemble your slides in the order of how you want the viewer to consume the information. Focus your content on the benefits of what you’re selling, and be sure to address common questions and objections from buyers. Try to build your sales presentation in as few slides as possible and use short sentences when copy is needed. Use visuals as much as possible that complement the short copy. Finally, upload your visual assets, PDFs, videos, or any media you wish to include into our sales presentation platform. You’ll be ready to present in just a few clicks.

An effective sales pitch starts with an introduction to your business or product, highlights the key features and benefits, and closes out with a compelling CTA (call to action). It is important to highlight how your brand is the answer to a problem that the viewer may or may not know they have. Treat your sales pitch as your one shot to make a lasting impression.

The main elements of your sales presentation should all revolve around the value proposition. 

Be mindful that your elements all tactfully show that you are the best choice when compared to your competition. 

Include captivating visuals that not only relate to you and your product, but to the prospect too. 

Your problem/solution slide should make the problem very clear to whoever is viewing it. Include next steps to let the prospect know what they need to do to move forward with your proposal.

Related Features

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software to make sales presentations

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Discover updates, best practices, and more.

software to make sales presentations

Pitch combines the best parts of productivity, design, and presentation software to help fast-moving teams create beautifully designed decks in minutes.

Person talking in Pitch

Loved by teams around the world

One workspace. boundless possibilities..

From pitch decks to project plans, conference keynotes to all-hands meetings, our presentation software gives teams space to share all the work that matters.

Nick Ionita

Build stunning decks in record time

Pitch puts everything you need to make a great deck — from advanced design options to data integrations — right at your fingertips. It’s never been easier to create work you’re proud of.

Decoration for: Make edits fast

Make edits fast

Browse millions of images, add rich media, integrate data.

Christophe Pasquier

Make staying on-brand a breeze

When you’re moving fast, it’s easy for decks to drift from the approved brand style. Pitch puts the most up-to-date fonts, colors, and templates front and center, helping anyone create consistently beautiful presentations.

Brand style - Colorful

Get all hands on deck

The way we work has changed, but presentation software hasn’t. Until now. Pitch gives your team a central place to discuss ideas, make decisions, and share feedback.

Decoration for: Work face-to-face from anywhere

Work face-to-face from anywhere

Manage presentations like projects, add reactions and comments, manage version history pro.

Robert Glaser

Find the perfect template

Browse dozens of free, professionally designed templates and kickstart your next presentation.

Release Notes

Present async in Notion

Enrich your Notion pages with interactive presentation embeds so that anyone from your team can browse the latest slides.

Introducing recordings

Turn presentations into rich narratives with short, expressive video clips recorded directly on your slides.

Meet the Pitch app for Slack

Keep your entire team up to date on changes to your presentations with our newest integration: the Pitch app for Slack.

Present async in Notion

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I'm a software engineer but don't have any prior experience with clojure. can i still apply.

Absolutely! While the Pitch application is written mostly with Clojure, we use lots of more widely-known libraries and languages (e.g. React.js) as well. Every engineer who joins without prior knowledge of Clojure can expect extensive mentorship, time, and resources to learn Clojure and our codebase before diving into the deep-end.

I am based in insert any country here - can I still apply?

Yes, of course. Pitch wants to hire the best and brightest regardless of where they're based geographically. On occasion, teams have a preference for candidates whose working hours overlap with the rest of their team, but there is always flexibility.

Your headquarters are in Berlin - will I need to relocate to work at Pitch?

No. While we do have an office in Berlin, physical presence there is 100% optional.

None of the open positions listed match my skills or interests? Can I send through a speculative application?

Absolutely, feel free to submit a speculative application .

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We do our best to get back to all applicants within one week of their applications. That being said, the application review process has lots of moving parts and depends on the availability of our hiring teams, holidays, and other unpredictable factors. We do our best, but appreciate your patience if it takes >1 week to respond to you.

Should I expect tailored feedback if my application gets rejected?

Given the high volume of applications we receive, it's not possible for us to give tailored feedback to candidates who aren't selected for first-stage interviews. If you do progress beyond the first-stage interview, however, we try to give specific, tailored feedback should there not be a fit.

How many stages are there to a typical interview process? How much time will I need to invest?

The typical Pitch interview processes consists of the following steps, all of which are conducted remotely.

What happens with my personal data if my application is rejected?

We process and store all data in accordance with GDPR standards. You can request to have your data deleted at any time after applying and we will action this request within 1-2 days.

What is the average duration of the recruitment process at Pitch?

The average recruitment process lasts between 4-5 weeks to get through all the stages, although there's some variability depending on availability on both the hiring team and candidate side.

Working at Pitch

Pitch talks a lot about remote-work, but a lot of your employees seem to be based in europe. will i be at a disadvantage if i work for pitch from outside of europe.

The short answer is 'no'. We practice asynchronous communication.

What does 100% remote look like for Pitch?

Yes, one might miss having the office as an anchor, or the occasional water-cooler chat with colleagues. But 100% remote work doesn't have to be disengaged and disconnected! At Pitch, we put a lot of emphasis on connecting (not just about work!) through virtual coffee chats, catch-ups via Zoom (as and when needed)... and Slack shenanigans. Additionally, we are big fans of team offsites, yearly company get togethers, and Weekly Bulletins (our async alternative to All-Hands). We believe remote working empowers you to work autonomously and flexibly on something you believe in, and your colleagues are only a Slack away for a second opinion, cheering up, and various meme shenanigans.

Best Presentation Software For Sales Team

B2b Data » Blog » Best Presentation Software For Sales Team

Sales teams have to be able to deliver effective presentations in order to close deals and earn revenue. The right presentation software tool can make a big difference in how well your sales team performs.

software to make sales presentations

There are a lot of different presentation software tools on the market, so it can be tough to know which one is right for your team. To help you make the best choice, we’ve put together a list of some of the best presentation software tools for sales teams.

Table of Contents

Pitch allows remote, hybrid and dispersed teams to put together visually appealing and highly-organized pitch decks in just a few minutes. It gives you everything needed to design persuasive, media-rich presentations, using effective templates that incorporate UX best practices, letting sales teams collaborate in real-time or asynchronously. 

It’s also a great presentation tool for B2B sales teams because it integrates with programs like Notion, which makes it easier to plan and create presentations around existing projects.

2. Google Slides

Google Slides is a great alternative to PowerPoint if you are looking for something that is a little bit more user-friendly and easy to use. It is also a good option if you are looking for something that is free to use. Google Slides presentations can be easily shared online and Google Slides templates can be edited collaboratively, which makes them ideal for sales teams who need to work together on presentations.

Prezi is a presentation software tool that is quite different from PowerPoint and Google Slides. It uses a ‘zoom’ function which allows you to create non-linear presentations that can be very engaging for your audience. This makes it a great tool for sales teams who want to make an impact with their presentations.

4. PowerPoint

This might seem almost too obvious to include on the list, but you would be surprised how many people don’t fully exploit PowerPoint for sales purposes or use it the wrong way . There is so much that can be done with this program, and it is very much worth training your sales teams on how to use it properly with free PowerPoint templates available. PowerPoint presentations can be used for a wide range of purposes, from pitching products to clients to presenting company results internally.

5. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is another presentation software tool that is quite different from the others on this list. It is specifically designed to create beautiful visual presentations that are easy to put together. This makes it a good option for sales teams who want to create presentations that are more aesthetically pleasing.

One thing that Haiku Deck is particularly good at doing is creating ‘infographics’ – visual representations of data or information. This can be very useful for sales teams who want to present data in an easy-to-understand way.

Keynote is a presentation software tool that is very similar to PowerPoint but it is specifically designed for use on Apple devices such as the iPad and iPhone. Keynote presentations can be easily shared across devices and they look great on mobile screens. This makes them ideal for sales teams who need to present on the go.

A lot of companies will use Keynote to do things like:

Read Also: B2B Sales Funnel Template

7. Slidebean

Slidebean is a presentation software tool that is designed to make it easy to create professional-looking presentations. It has a wide range of templates that sales teams can use to create their presentations, which makes it very quick and easy to put together a presentation that looks great.

Slidebean is great for sales teams who want to create presentations that are:

– Eye-catching

– Well-designed

– Professional looking

Canva is one of those tools that sales teams must know how to use. It is one of, if not the best visual design tool out there. Canva can be used to create all sorts of visuals, including:

– Presentation slides

– Images

– Logos

– Social media posts

Almost any kind of visual element that you need for a presentation can be created with Canva, which makes it an essential tool for sales teams. Best of all, it’s very user-friendly and super intuitive to use. You don’t need any crazy graphic design skills or education in order to put together great-looking visuals with Canva.

9. Adobe Creative Suite

If you want to get really creative with your visuals, then you need to be using Adobe Creative Suite. This is a collection of tools that includes everything from Photoshop to After Effects and Premier Pro. Basically, if you can think of it, there’s an Adobe tool that can help you create it.

Adobe Creative Suite is used by professional graphic designers, video editors, and other creative professionals. But, it can also be used to create amazing visuals for presentations. Sales teams who want to really stand out with their presentation visuals need to be using Adobe Creative Suite.

10. Powtoon

Powtoon is a presentation software tool that allows you to create animated presentations. This can be a great way to make your presentations more engaging and fun for your audience. Sales teams who are looking to add some extra pizzazz to their presentations should check out Powtoon.

Some potential uses of Powtoon for sales teams include :

– Creating animated product demonstrations

– Showcasing customer testimonials

– Putting together sales reports

Read Also: Sales Follow up Email Template

Visme’s all-in-one content creation platform allows you to create interactive, engaging and effective presentations without requiring coding or a designer. Collaboratively work on presentations simultaneously, import data from your favorite apps like Salesforce, Google Excel or Hubspot, or add comments directly on elements to provide faster feedback and edit.

Access a library of customizable presentation templates for B2B or B2C focus goals. Upload your design elements or choose from our thousands of videos, images, icons, data visualization charts and more. Plus, tap into sharing options that allow you to embed your presentation on a website, share via link, download as a png, pdf, mp4, and more.

There you have it – the 10 best presentation software tools for sales teams. If you want to create presentations that are professional, eye-catching, and easy to put together, then you need to be using one of these tools. You don’t need to be a professional designer or have any fancy education in order to create amazing visuals for your presentations. Just pick one of these tools and start experimenting. The sky’s the limit.

software to make sales presentations

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Change the way you sell

The most flexible sales enablement solution to create unique and memorable sales experiences.


The perfect tool for sales & marketing teams

Sales presentations that your customers will love

Sales presentations that your customers will love

Build interactive presentations to make sales representatives even more powerful, provide better selling situations and sell more.

Build an application to centralize sales assets

Build an application to centralize sales assets

Keep all your sales materials (PDF, videos, case studies...) available offline from everywhere in a custom interface.

Align marketing & sales, and be more productive

Align marketing & sales, and be more productive

Always up to date! Your marketing team manage, monitor & adapt materials in line with business goals and product marketing strategy.

PandaSuite, the most flexible no code platform

PandaSuite is a powerful no code tool to create, deploy and measure highly interactive sales presentations and apps without any technical knowledge.

PandaSuite, the most flexible no code platform

Download our PandaSuite Studio app for Mac & Windows. Easily build your sales presentation with our intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

View across devices

Preview your app anywhere using the PandaSuite Viewer iOS & Android app. Share the preview link and collect feedbacks.

Deploy anywhere

Get the link to your sales presentation. Or you can build your own app for iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows.

Update instantly

Upgrade your app at any time. Track statistics and send notifications to keep users informed.

Sales presentations that convert

Multimedia & pdf.

Create interactive screens and add dynamic content, videos, 360° to make your products & use cases like real.


Keep your sales materials secure with login & manage permissions. Implement SAML single sign-on.

Data Management

Dynamically generate product catalogues. Import your data, customize layout & design and produce really quickly large projects.

Collect lead informations from your sales platform, send an email directly after the meeting.

Push notifications

Motivate your sales team with push notifications and keep them informed with latest updates.

Build an app

Your app is available as a native and web formats. Deploy to iPad, Android tablets, ChromeBook, mobile/tablets/PC Windows 10 and more...

Offline access

Your sales app is available without any internet connection. Sales reps have everything they need everywhere they go.

Embed in sales platform

Integrate your sales digital presentations into an existing sales platform (Showpad, Touch & Sell...)

Language management

Build your sales presentations in multiple languages. Adapt content to local specific needs.

Customer-centric selling

Empathize with customers' needs at every stage of your sales process. Nurture a two-way dialogue and deliver personalized content, giving them the right information at the right time.

Customer-centric selling

Connect to your database

More than an interactive presentation, build a powerful sales app including a shopping cart and an order management system. Connect to your product presentation to an existing API.

Connect to your database

The idea was to equip the sales force with a simple and effective sales enablement tool, to eliminate laborious paperwork that is often a source of errors, and to make dynamic and attractive presentations of collections with beautiful images and videos. Philippe Martoglio Manager of C'For Design Studio

Measure and optimize marketing strategy

Keep track on what happen in your presentation (“How much time spent on that product card? How many clicks on that button?“). Add a new product, update your content whenever you want and manage your sales presentation easily.

Measure and optimize marketing strategy

Look at these examples

software to make sales presentations

Tablet Sales Presentation

software to make sales presentations

Christmas Digital Catalogue

software to make sales presentations

Digital Catalog

software to make sales presentations

Sales Enablement Tool

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Benefits of Interactive Sales Presentations

Benefits of Interactive Sales Presentations

Sales reps spend a lot of time and energy to organize meeting with their prospects. Interactive presentation creates richer and more effective sales experiences and helps optimize companies' sales performance.

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Add User Authentication by Firebase

Add User Authentication by Firebase

This Authentication component makes it easy to allow users to sign in/up to your app using email address and password, and manage events (access, progression) based on user data.

Dynamic Data

Dynamic Data

Dynamic data automatically generates content from a database. This feature offers a real time saving for projects that require a large volume of content or content that evolves over time: catalogs, magazines...

Get up and running fast

Learn with great tutorials & resources

Learn with great tutorials & resources

Explore more than 150 free tutorials (articles & videos). Get inspired by examples. Start with blank project or pre-built templates.

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Support from the best people

Support from the best people

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